Top-5 Trends Augmenting the Growth of IoT Gateway Devices Market by 2027
12 May 2022 12:18, UTC Shreya Bhute

IoT gateway technology is gaining wide prominence as it enhances productivity and output which helps in achieving faster time-to-market

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Religious Relics to be Turned into NFTs, Metars Palace is the Best Place to Visit
26 April 2022 11:15, UTC

Portugal’s 500-year-old charitable organization with a massive collection of Catholic art will soon release some pieces as NFTs

Can Intel Make An Impact on the Bitсoin Mining Market?
21 April 2022 06:37, UTC Anirban Roy

The chipset giant unveiled an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chipset dubbed Bonanza Mine

BTC Betting Sites and Provably Fair Algorithms
25 March 2022 14:25, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Provable algorithms have designs that help to sort out the issue of honesty on betting sites. Moreover, it certifies the authenticity of games and effect transparency.

NFT Artists and Meta – Will the Problems of Trust Be Solved?
23 March 2022 07:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Recently it became known that Meta hopes to explore NFTs in the nearest future – Instagram confirms to add new features as soon as possible

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Metaplan and the New Era of GameFi
03 March 2022 09:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Metaplan currently has three series: “The Last Country”, “The Last Journey” and “The Last Planet”

4 Key Trends Driving the Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare
25 February 2022 06:20, UTC Hrishikesh Kadam

The deployment of blockchain in healthcare has gained significant momentum in recent years due to the growing need to store scalable data and secure healthcare data exchange

The Use of Simulators Helps Traders to Maximize Efficiency on Uniswap V3
24 January 2022 13:05, UTC Denis Goncharenko

After launching the third version with Uniswap V3, the most popular DEX in the crypto market enabled traders to achieve higher capital efficiency while limiting impermanent losses

5 Things You Should Know About Modern Data Stack
11 January 2022 09:55, UTC Bash Sarmiento

Data stacks are built to support the storage and accessibility of a company’s data. What should we know about it?

SocialFi – Blockchain Adoption May Come From Social Media
22 December 2021 06:45, UTC Denis Goncharenko

As social media giants embrace cryptocurrency, they pave the way for their billions of users to gain easy exposure with digital assets

The Big Industries That Can Be Transformed By Blockchain
01 November 2021 16:00, UTC Nick James

With blockchain's near-term future, industries other than banking will be impacted. See how other industries, such as law enforcement and ride-hailing, may be affected.

5 Most Reliable NFT Platforms
04 October 2021 09:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Artists can earn thanks to cryptocurrencies — the NFT platforms were launched and booming nowadays. These 5 are the most reliable in this niche

The Future of Higher Education with Blockchain Technology
23 September 2021 12:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Blockchain is a buzzword with incredible potential — there are different ways DLT could change the way industries are run. Education is also benefiting from blockchain technology in the present

Key Trends Driving POS Terminals Market Outlook Through 2027
21 September 2021 07:50, UTC Madhura Dethe

The global POS terminals market is poised to register appreciable gains through the forthcoming years, owing to the increasing adoption of corporate strategies by major industry participants

Axie Infinity (AXS): A Blockchain-Based Game To Earn While Playing
03 September 2021 09:45, UTC Denis Goncharenko

The growing popularity of blockchain-based gaming platforms can be learned through the success of several games that have continued to grow. One such game is Axie Infinity.

Top 3 Trends Boosting the Adoption of Data Center Networking by 2027
04 August 2021 11:00, UTC Samikshya Borse

Escalating requirements for reliable networking solutions in industries that are adopting the latest digital technologies could generate new growth strides in the data center networking market

The Limitless World of Quantum Computing
23 July 2021 08:15, UTC Upama Goswami

Although yet in its infancy, quantum computing is considered not less than a phenomenon in the realm of quantum mechanics. It is undoubtedly a massive leap forward in computing technology which will be used to solve a multifold of problems

Here Is How Ransomware Operators Sucker-Punch Stubborn Victims
19 July 2021 12:30, UTC David Balaban

A shift towards targeting companies rather than individuals was one of the biggest milestones in ransomware evolution. This tactic gained momentum around 2018 and continues these days

Will Bitcoin Be Good for The Environment in The Long Run?
13 July 2021 07:40, UTC Jack Spade

Bitcoin miners claim that 74.1% of the energy used in mining is renewable, but this statement alone does not tell the whole story

6 Essential Skills to Become a Successful Blockchain Developer
12 July 2021 07:00, UTC Gaurav Sharma

To understand what it takes to become a blockchain developer and what you would accomplish after becoming one, read the article

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