Crypto News Mobile App Review

Dear users!

We have prepared a detailed review of the Crypto News app, which includes the features from the latest update which took place by the end of 2019. The app got many new features with the update and we hope that all of them will be useful.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please write to pm@cryptonews.net.

  • News
  • Market Cap
  • Portfolio
  • Settings

The main function of Crypto News app is to aggregate news and articles from popular web sources such as Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, Bitcoin.com, Forklog, and others. Currently, there are more than 250 websites in the list of sources and this list is regularly updated. We pick content from the projects that are in line with our editorial policy, so all sources are thoroughly checked before being added to the feed.

We try to post only unique, useful and interesting news for our readers, so we, unfortunately, have no way to publish all the materials in a row.
The content is selected by the editors manually: we post only unique and useful news and articles for our audience. This allows users to keep away from surfing the web in search of the essential information.

You can make this screen to be the home screen for the app. Follow this path: Settings > Layout > Main screen > News


All materials are checked by the chief editor, then they are divided into categories: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Ethereum, Exchange, Blockchain, Analytics, Mining, ICO, Finance, Security, Legal, etc. The green frame of the news means that it is present on the Main screen.

Additional categories:

  • Top News is for those who do not want to spend time reading all the news. This section contains only the most important and interesting content.
  • All news — the feed of all news published in the application.
  • Twitter is a feed of tweets added from the most popular Twitter accounts.
  • Video — a list of news that contains video footage.

My Feed

Users can configure their own newsfeed in the “My feed” category by picking only the preferred sources of content.

News Appearance

You can find the content posted in the app using the search by title. Specify your search by exact match or overlap.

Bookmarks, Sharing

You can bookmark news and articles to read later, and share them with your friends and other people.

News Search

You can find the content posted in the app using the search by title. Specify your search by exact match or overlap.

News Rating

You can determine the interest of users in the news, it depends on the color indicator of the rating. This feature hints how useful the information is and whether it is worth reading the details.

Similar News

Only unique and relevant content is published in the news feed, and the rest is attached in Similar News. Users can read about the same news from other sources. It is also possible to send us similar news from another source.

The coins’ data is presented on the basis of CoinMarketCap paid API service. Data is updated every 5-10 minutes.

You can make this screen to be the home screen for the app. Follow this path: Settings > Layout > Main screen > Market Cap

Coin List

The default list of coins is presented according to the CoinMarketCap capitalization ranking. Also, the prices are presented in USD currency, with a period of 24 hours. You can change the currency, and select the data display period (1 hour, 24 hours or 7 days), and also change the principle of sorting coins.

Swipe from right to left on a coin to open an additional menu with the following options:

  • Add a coin to Portfolio. Tapping on the icon opens the screen for adding a coin to Portfolio. If the coin is already added to the Portfolio, then it will proceed to the list of purchases.
  • Pin a coin. Tapping on the icon pins the coin to the top of the list. If the coin is already pinned, then tapping will remove it from the top.
  • Add notification. Tapping on the icon opens the screen for a new notification. If the coin already has at least one notification, then tapping on the icon will open a list of notifications for this coin.

Tapping on any of the coins takes you to its detailed screen.

Graphs and coin prices

The detailed screen displays extended information about the coin: financial indicators, graphs, prices and notifications. With the help of the icons at the top, you can add a coin to the Portfolio, proceed to Coin Purchases, if it has already been added to the Portfolio, or pin it to the top of the Market Cap screen.

Graphs are presented in a linear form or candle form. You can set the period on the chart from 1 hour to 1 month.

The Prices tab contains information about current coin prices on different exchanges, and there is also an option for sorting the exchanges.


Notifications can be configured for global parameters, such as Market Cap, 24h Volume and BTC Dominance, and also separately for each coin. Notifications for coins are similar for both Market Cap and Portfolio. For example, if you add a notification for Bitcoin to the Portfolio, then it will appear in the Market Cap as well.

The free version provides up to 5 notifications. The notification center displays information about all received notifications. You can mark all notifications as read, and you can also delete them, all at once, or one by one.

Coin Search

You can use the search bar to find the necessary coin. You can search both by ticker and by name.

The search results provide an additional menu for the coin by swiping from right to left.

Coin List Layout

The type of coin cards can be short or extended. In an extended version, market capitalization and volume for 24 hours are also displayed. Appearance can be selected the following way: Settings> Layout > Appearance > Extended cards in Market Cap.

The portfolio is necessary to add coins and track the capitalization and profitability of investments. Being part of Crypto News, it is convenient for crypto traders and holders to keep data about their assets. You can track changes and compare how the news background affects the cryptocurrency market.

The free version of the app allows you to add up to 5 coins.

Portfolio Screen

The upper part of the screen contains an icon for adding a new coin, as well as a summary of all coins added to the Portfolio:

Balance is available in three currencies: BTC, ETH and the currency of your choice. Click on the balance to switch the currency.

Balance changes are available in percentage or in the chosen currency. Tap on the change value to switch between percent and data in the selected currency.

There is a block for changing the currency and period of the displayed data, as well as sorting, above the list of coins.

The list of coins contains the following information:

  • Coin icon,
  • Coin ticker,
  • Total value,
  • Price for 1 pc. (only in extended cards),
  • Quantity (only in extended cards),
  • Percentage change,
  • Numerical change.

When swiping from right to left, an additional menu is available:

  • Add a purchase,
  • Remove coin.

Adding a coin

Adding a coin to the Portfolio is done by tapping on the “Add Coin” button or on the icon from the top right. On the “Choose coin” screen you can select a coin from the list, or search by name or ticker. After choosing a coin, the “Add purchase” screen opens, where you can add one or several purchases at once. To add a purchase, you need to select the purchase currency from the list, the field “Price per 1 pc” automatically includes the price from CoinMarketCap. It can be changed, you also need to set the quantity. If necessary, you can change the name of the purchase.

Coin Purchase

Changeable purchase options:

  • Name - by default, the serial number of the purchase is displayed, for example: Purchase 1, Purchase 2, etc. You can change the name.
  • Currency - by default, the price is displayed in BTC (except for BTC itself, it is displayed in USD by default). Currency is selected from the list available on the basis of CoinMarketCap data.
  • Quantity - the only field that is not filled by default and it requires to enter the number of coins. Without specifying a quantity, a purchase cannot be created or saved.
  • Price for 1 pc - by default, the price is set for 1 pc per coin in the selected currency, based on CoinMarketCap data. You can enter the price of your choice, then the profit or loss will be calculated on its basis.

Purchases can also be edited and deleted (a single coin purchase cannot be deleted). The number of purchases is unlimited.

Detailed coin screen

The detailed screen provides extended information about the coin: financial indicators and graphs, purchases, notifications. An icon to remove a coin from the Portfolio is displayed at the top right.

Graphs are presented in two forms: linear and candles. Data can be displayed with a period from 1 hour to 1 month.

Coin purchases are described below. Notifications work similarly to the Notifications in the Market Cap.

Coin List Layout

The list of coins is presented in two versions: short and extended cards. In the extended version, the coin price and the number of coins are also displayed. Follow this path to change the appearance: Settings > Layout > Appearance > Extended cards in Portfolio.

Application settings are placed on a separate screen for better usability. This screen allows you to subscribe to the PRO version of the app, manage the basic settings, get more additional information about the app, as well as to write us a message and rate the application.

PRO version

Subscribing to the PRO version of the app provides additional features, and also helps us to proceed with the further development, adding more useful features to Crypto News. We provide a free trial period of 7 days, which allows you to evaluate all the benefits of the PRO version.

The PRO version includes:

  • Ads Disablement,
  • Offline Mode,
  • Unlimited Notifications,
  • Unlimited Coins in Portfolio,
  • Portfolio Security,
  • Portfolio Backup.

Language, Notifications and Layout

In the block with the basic settings, users can:

  • Select the language of the app from English, Russian or German,
  • Set up notifications,
  • Customize the appearance of the News, Market Cap and Portfolio screens, as well as to choose the Main screen for the app.

Offline Mode (PRO)

Offline mode allows users to read news even if there is no connection to the Internet.

To set the mode:

  • Turn on the “Offline mode” in the Settings,
  • Select the option to download news (“Manual” mode is enabled by default):
    • in manual mode, you control the downloading of news: if there is news available for download, the app will inform you. Users need to tap a button to download, there is also an option to cancel it. First, the content for the last 24 hours is downloaded, then the download of only new materials for the last 24 hours will happen.
    • in automatic mode, the app downloads news without user intervention. The principle of downloading news is similar to manual mode.
  • You can enable or disable image download. When the “Don’t download the pics” mode is enabled, only text data will be downloaded to the device.
  • Memory usage: downloaded news takes up space on the device, so with this function you can delete it.

Portfolio Security (PRO)

The portfolio contains the financial information of the user, which must be secured. You can protect the Portfolio screen by enabling such function in the Settings. You can also use a fingerprint or Face ID (iOS version only) for quick access to the screen.

The entered password is saved for 10 minutes, after which the app will ask you to enter it again.

Portfolio Backup (PRO)

Backup allows you to create copies of data in the Portfolio and upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud (iOS version only). You can create an unlimited number of copies.

In order to make a backup:

  • Add at least one coin to the Portfolio (without coins, no copy is possible),
  • Select the option for storing copies In the Settings: Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud (iOS version only),
  • Click “Create reserve copy” to make a copy and transfer it to the selected resource.

Created copies are managed in the “My copies” section. Tap on “Copy management” to work with copies. The window contains a list of all copies with the date and time of creation, as well as the device on which it was created. You can restore data from the copies or delete them.