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Haters gonna hate...
Haters gonna hate...

Don't lose important information

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The best price tracker with a convenient layout

Follow changes in the market and get data on time.

Customizable cryptocurrency list display

  • Pin the coins you need at the top of the list
  • Add any currency purchase to your Hodlfolio

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The best price tracker with a convenient layout

Follow changes in the market and get data on time.

A detailed screen for analyzing a specific coin

  • Track trading rates at different exchanges
  • Turn on the alerts for price changes

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for yourself!

Hodlfolio – A portfolio for crypto holders with no wallet connection

Add purchases and track changes. Diagrams, graphs – everything a holder needs.

Analyze portfolio value

  • Set up time intervals to evaluate profitability
  • Activate the PRO version to create several portfolios

Hodlfolio doesn’t require connection to real wallets, users can add any purchases and sales, upload portfolios and download them back from the cloud.

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All the current crypto news @ 1 place
Great app to stay informed about the crypto market all at one site without having to bounce around all over the internet
Lord Of Boltz
Best way to start the day
Keeps me up to date with all the news and things going on in crypto. Feels good to know that I can know what’s going on in crypto almost at a instant.
New to Trading Crypto
I’ve only been at it 3 1/2 yrs - still learning. Crypto News has expedited this process. I read it everyday and Google whatever I don’t understand. The time stamp is a thoughtful addition. My knowledge of the space has increased - ty!
Fast News
They pump out so much news which really helps getting relevant information and saves me time from going to many individual sites, all in one place. I like the search as well 😉
Great app
Great app for myself just getting into crypto investing, news is up to date and as it’s happening, sometimes as I’m reading a tweet on twitter from a big player it’s on the app also within minutes sometimes.
Dee Mac 1
Simply the best!!!
CryptoNews is simply the best! I read daily and often make investment decisions based on the articles I read. Thank U CryptoNews.
Crypto Rookie
This aggregator fits the bill. No more digging to find the most relevant news. It’s all in one place conveniently at my fingertips and saves time I can spend elsewhere. It exposes the multiple aspects of the markets and has become a source to expand my knowledge in a good way.
Discruntaled gamer
Then right news
Good news, pertinent information and always up too date. I’m a HODL’R and day trader, this news app is quickly becoming a good addition to my arsenal. GOOD JOB ALL! Would like to see some updates on big news, like how has it progressed in the last couple weeks/months. (Constructive only😊)
Mike Dijk
Great resource and quick overview for coin stats!!
Love this app. Great way to catch up in the morning on crypto news. To be honest this is the only app I use for reliable sources of news! Definitely a recommender!
Helpful for a new user
I’m quite new to crypto but this app has been really helpful for up to date Crypto news and I’m looking forward to try all the other features. So far so good
Fantastic tool
So much information on this app for all kinds of traders, from beginners to experts. This app has helped me earn some good money!
Good Service
Resources are infinite, app updates every 30 minutes or less ever hour definitely new news. What do you expect more? Perfect!
By far the best app for crypto news
Great app, provides me with an excellent feed of crypto news from across multiple sources and is updated frequently. Excellent.
Great app to keep you informed
Crypto news is always a must to keep abreast of the market and new trends. Currently, you have to do countless searches on Google to find the articles you are looking for. But instead you can quickly access a broad variety of crypto news articles through this app. It is just a quick click. I go in and check their news reports on my iPhone on a daily basis. It is easy and convenient. When investing even small amounts in crypto you need this news. There simply isn’t an app as good as this that caters for crypto news readers. Fantastically, it costs nothing.
The Absolute Best!
I never leave reviews….ever. I love this app so much I want to donate to the cause and support them in away way possible. Whoever you are, thank you! You’ve saved me so much time and energy.
One of the best apps for crypto information.
One of the highlights of my day is being able to wake up to an app that gives me information on the entire crypto market as a whole. I used to have to hunt article to article on the internet just to get my information. CryptoNews keeps me in the loop and with amazing ease of access. Only thing I personally would change is starting a weekly or monthly newsletter to help involve the community even more. Would definitely sign up. But keep it up, amazing app!
Best news source I have used
Love this app, not only does it have general news but you can search your favorite cryptos and the hodlfolio is the best thing ever I can check all my cryptos in one app and not have to switch between all my wallets
Best Digital News
I use Crypto News to view charts and theories from all sides. If you read enough from various sources you can get a better feel for trends.
CryptoNews is invaluable for crypto investors. You can find up to the minute news and research on any crypto of interest, as well as estimated price predictions from experienced, highly knowledgeable investors.
An app that can truly smash the learning curve around crypto and blockchain.
Must download if you have any desire to stay up to date with the 21st century consumers/financial preferences. Keeps your mind dialed and always up to date.
Pelo Loco
Up to the minute
Always up to date news at your finger tips. No need to listen to any Youtubers - I just open and get the latest without any fuss
Simply the best
Absolute essential app for crypto investors. Best aggregator I’ve found so far, highly recommended.
One of the Best
One of the Best
Keep the newest up to date crypto news coming 👍 upgrades, test net launches, main net launches, future potential and coin correlation! Inform the people remain reliable and informative. Great app all in all! Keep your users ahead of the game without implementation of hype! 💪
Kyle Smyth
I have enjoyed the experience they have created. I love that they take feedback and work hard to make a better app with the reasonable requests. They are not afraid to follow their dreams for the app. Great job once again.
Super Natural
A wonderful news application that always keeps you up to date with all cryptocurrency news and is always updated instantly and quickly in updating the news immediately
It's a nice app with loads of information. Some of the tokens I didn't know existed. You can make your own favourites list and see their movements
A Tyes jr.
I love the app. Once you understand how to use it, it is a vital tool for any investor. Especially in the crypto space.
Sharhabilu Adamu
The application is very friendly and easy to use with lots of good features. I enjoy using this app. looking foward for more inprovement
Kabir Lkany
Good and amazingly simple, people understand crypto because of the app
hIDIng fActS Ancient times
It is quite better to have news media like crypto news which makes people aware of market situation time to time.
Jess Garcia
So far I am loving this app! Keeps me up to date, and the features are really useful
Piotr Ojrzyński
H.Five for extra news, perfect newsletter, news are not too often, but always important ones get into. Usability is nice, generally good to have it onboard!
Aaron Peterson
The news feeds here have been super useful for staying up-to-date, and provided a few good opportunities for jumping on new staking ventures. Thanks.
Mohammed amar
This app brings brilliant news and behind the scenes activities for cryptocurrencies which are ready to boom in the future
Sai kit Chan
Vast info from many sources in one app. Easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, and all for free. 5 star from me
Dan Karaimo
The best source of crypto-related info, suggestions and news. Also, one really cool thing is that, the app runs on real time such that any tiny bit of change in the crypto world is updated at once such that you are always on the loop about what happens in the world of cryptocurrency. Kudos to the developers
Donald Kingsmore
Overall great app for tracking crypto. No matter how large/small the portfolio, it's a great app to keep track of your crypto balances. Well worth 5 stars and going Pro! If you're new to crypto, the portfolio can make a great simulator before investing, awesome learning tool.
Thomas Fitzpatrick
I've made 100s of dollars from reading articles on this app. Just recently I read a story about loopring and decided to buy some. I made a very nice profit, thank you Crypto News.
Raunak Agrawal
Overall a great app!! The thing which i liked most is the portfolio's option!! And the graphs shown are better than even Crypto exchange platforms!!
J. Scuderia
Everything I need in one place. I am new to Crypto, but treat it like stocks, meaning, I need information and news to make decisions. This app provides a lot of background news/info
Arnaud Malan
Love this app... Does exactly what it is described as - aggregates a heap of relevant crypto news articles on one easy-to-use platform. Definitely recommended.
Nkosinathi Vincent Ngwenya
It so exceptionally good. I can't live without crypto news update. In the morning, in the noontime the evening and night. What better place to know about crypto!
Udoh David
Crypto news is an awesome app and platform, keeps me updated. Once I woke up from bed in the morning I first search for information on crypto news because it always have relevant and reliable news to help me make the best crypto decisions for the day
Fitz Weiss
Actual useful news beyond just technical price analysis. Also has good inventory of coins. Stable app - most coin trackers crash constantly.

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