Newly Launched Libdogecoin May Open New Chapter in the Dogecoin Ecosystem
15 August 2022 15:30, UTC Anna Martynova

Libdogecoin will allow anyone to easily develop a product that complies with the Dogecoin standard

Pension Funds See Bear Crypto Market As An Opportunity For Further Investment
15 August 2022 13:40, UTC Anna Martynova

Despite significant losses due to the downturn in the cryptocurrency market, some pension funds in North America are still interested in cryptocurrency investments

Energy Web Token Jumps 25% After BlackRock Praises Decarbonization Project
12 August 2022 14:05, UTC Anna Martynova

The non-profit organization behind the coin has been praised by BlackRock for trying to reduce bitcoin mining emissions

Buenos Aires To Deploy Ethereum Validator Nodes In 2023
12 August 2022 13:00, UTC Anna Martynova

According to the government, the initiative aims to research and develop adaptive regulation for the crypto ecosystem

Kujira Announces The Launch Of $USK Stablecoin
11 August 2022 14:56, UTC Anna Martynova

Kujira will launch its own over-collateralized stablecoin on the Cosmos blockchain, which is soft-pegged to the US dollar

The Number of Decentralized Applications On Polygon Exceeded 37,000
11 August 2022 13:05, UTC Anna Martynova

The number of decentralized applications on Polygon exceeded 37,000, an increase of 400% since the beginning of the year

Market Maker Wintermute Is Approved To Mint and Burn USDD
10 August 2022 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Wintermute became the ninth member of the TRON DAO Reserve organization and received the ability to mint and burn USDD

Samsung Partners with Theta Labs for Future Galaxy NFT Ecosystem
10 August 2022 12:54, UTC Anna Martynova

Theta Networks will release the Galaxy NFT as part of a new project to offer Samsung users an innovative consumer experience, including access to virtual events through ThetaPass

Citigroup Hires Digital Asset Risk Managers Specializing In Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins And DeFi
09 August 2022 14:16, UTC Anna Martynova

Citigroup is hiring digital asset risk managers to focus on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and decentralized finance

PlayStation Conducted Survey About NFT
09 August 2022 12:10, UTC Anna Martynova

The PlayStation survey indicates the interest of video game companies in NFTs

Brazilian Congress Fails To Discuss Proposed Cryptocurrency Bill This Week
08 August 2022 15:04, UTC Anna Martynova

The Brazilian Congress failed to vote on the cryptocurrency bill, the next discussion is scheduled for September

Chainlink Refuses To Support Potential Ethereum's PoW Forks
08 August 2022 14:04, UTC Anna Martynova

The developers of the Chainlink decentralized oracle network will not support potential Ethereum's PoW forks

DFINITY Team Announces Release of Beta Version of BTC-ICP Integration
05 August 2022 15:25, UTC Anna Martynova

Bitcoin Based Smart Contracts: DFINITY focuses on Internet Computer integration with the BTC network

Binance Card Now Supports SHIB, XRP and AVAX
05 August 2022 14:36, UTC Anna Martynova

Binance has added XRP, SHIB, and AVAX as payment methods for the Binance Card

Floki Inu Launches A New Project Called FlockFi Locker
04 August 2022 14:13, UTC Anna Martynova

Floki Inu launches a new project to protect investor funds from fraud and hacks

Web3 Will Play A Role In The Future Of Popular Starbucks Rewards Program
04 August 2022 12:48, UTC Anna Martynova

Global coffee company committed to digital collectibles and better customer engagement

Cardano dApp Browser for iOS Launched
03 August 2022 14:39, UTC Anna Martynova

Leading wallet has launched dApp browser support and other exciting features for iOS devices

Bitcoin ATMs Are Back In Tokyo And Osaka
03 August 2022 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova

Bitcoin ATMs have returned to Japan for the first time since the cryptocurrency winter of 2018

Vechain CEO In UFC Interview Reveals How VeChain Plans To Change The World
02 August 2022 14:38, UTC Anna Martynova

The CEO of VeChain talked about how the popular blockchain project plans to use its technology to change the world

Lime and Salesforce Do Not Currently Use Helium Technology
02 August 2022 13:25, UTC Anna Martynova

Decentralized wireless network Helium does not have partnerships with the two well-known firms whose logos it has placed on its website

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