MakerDAO to Allocate Reserve 500 Mln DAI in Bonds

MakerDAO plans to invest 500 mln DAI in short-term US Treasury bills and possibly corporate bonds

29 June 2022 14:04, UTC Anna Martynova
Millions Stolen From Horizon Harmony Protocol Sent To Tornado Cash

The hacker is laundering part of the stolen assets from the Horizon Bridge platform

28 June 2022 15:05, UTC Anna Martynova
CoinFLEX Will Conduct A $47 Mln Recovery Value USD Token Sale

CoinFLEX will conduct a $47 mln Recovery Value USD token sale to resume the withdrawal function

28 June 2022 13:54, UTC Anna Martynova
Catalonia Has Created Its Own Metaverse

Catalonia's CatVers virtual platform has been launched with the support of the regional government and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

27 June 2022 14:35, UTC Anna Martynova
A$DC Stablecoin Used to Buy Tokenized Carbon Credit Units

A$DC was used to purchase tokenized carbon credits in a transaction aimed at testing the applicability of the asset in carbon abatement instruments

27 June 2022 13:23, UTC Anna Martynova
Solana Announces New Crypto Smartphone and Web3 Development Kit

Solana Labs introduced the Solana Saga smartphone. The device will go on sale in early 2023 for $1,000

24 June 2022 14:59, UTC Anna Martynova
The Central Bank of Singapore Will Not Tolerate Bad Behavior In The Crypto Industry

The Central Bank of Singapore will be "brutal and unrelentingly hard" on bad behavior in the crypto industry

24 June 2022 14:18, UTC Anna Martynova
SK Square Delays The Launch Of Its Own Crypto Token

SK Square has decided to delay the release of the SK Coin white paper

23 June 2022 14:58, UTC Anna Martynova
Ledger Launches NFT Marketplace and Web3 Services Platform

The hardware crypto wallet maker announced the launch of an NFT marketplace and a Web3 services platform

23 June 2022 13:45, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitget To Double Its Workforce Despite Falling Market

Leading global digital-asset trading platform Bitget is slated to double its workforce to reach 1,000 headcounts in the next six months

22 June 2022 10:52, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Tether Announces Stablecoin GBPT Pegged to Pound Sterling

The company behind the largest stablecoin by market capitalization will launch another similar asset pegged to the British pound

22 June 2022 09:21, UTC Anna Martynova
Cardano Developers Postpone Launch of Vasil Hard Fork

The Cardano developers have decided to postpone the rollout of the update until the end of July and allow more time for testing

21 June 2022 14:53, UTC Anna Martynova
VeChain Successfully Launches VIP-220 Component on Private Testnet

VIP-220 has successfully launched on the private testnet and is a huge step towards the launch of the POA 2.0 consensus mechanism update

21 June 2022 14:14, UTC Anna Martynova
Iran to Cut Electricity to Licensed Cryptocurrency Miners

Iran will cut electricity to all of its 118 licensed cryptocurrency mining centers this month amid growing demand for electricity

20 June 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Bancor Network Stopped Providing Impermanent Loss Protection

Bancor Network has stopped providing impermanent loss protection due to high market volatility

20 June 2022 14:18, UTC Anna Martynova
Panama's President Vetoes Cryptocurrency Law Passed by Parliament

The President of Panama said that the bill requires amendments in accordance with the banking legislation of the country

17 June 2022 14:06, UTC Anna Martynova
PSG Fan Token Has $15 Bln In Sales Volume, Topping The Rankings

Paris Saint-Germain continues to break new ground in the global fan token space, increasing its leadership as a fan token in terms of sales volume

17 June 2022 13:15, UTC Anna Martynova
Tag Heuer Introduces NFT Option For Some Smartwatches

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Tag Heuer has launched an NFT option for one of its smartwatch models

16 June 2022 14:40, UTC Anna Martynova
Visa To Launch Multiple 'Bitcoin Cashback' Cards With Partners In Brazil And Argentina

Visa will issue its first cryptocurrency cards in the Latin America region and will present its new products in Brazil and Argentina together with partners

16 June 2022 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Upcoming Major Dogecoin Project, "Libdogecoin 0.1", Ready for Release

Libdogecoin, which is a building block for creating Dogecoin projects, may soon appear in version 0.1

15 June 2022 14:42, UTC Anna Martynova