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Bitbot – New Non-Custodial Telegram Bot Launching Today

17 January 2024 09:30, UTC

An innovative new project, Bitbot (BITBOT), is launching its presale today. With BITBOT tokens initially priced at $0.0100, it’s a brand new opportunity that investors are keen to take early advantage of. Bitbot’s vision is to usher in a new trading era on Telegram. This article will reveal what this hot new crypto is all about and why thousands of people have been anticipating today’s launch of its presale event.

Firstly, what are Telegram trading bots?

Put simply, Telegram trading bots are automated programs that help crypto traders execute and manage crypto trades via the Telegram app. They’re essential tools for Telegram users who want to get ahead in crypto trading. They help traders at all levels make more informed decisions and can also make trading quicker and more efficient for users.

The popularity of Telegram trading bots skyrocketed quickly in 2023. For example, the Unibot price jumped from $18.18 in mid-June to an ATH of $246.43 in August of the same year. ChainGPT, another Telegram trading bot, hit the market on April 10, 2023, at $0.008 per token and hit an all-time high of $0.2889 less than a month later. It’s currently priced at $0.1672, a 1990% increase over its starting value.

Even though Telegram trading bot investors may have seen some massive ROI, the Telegram trading bot space is cluttered with bad actors that put traders off. Some bots barely function and lose the funds entrusted to their care. This is one of the issues that Bitbot intends to fix.

What’s currently wrong with the Telegram trading bot space?

Telegram trading bots have been growing and gaining attention over the past two years. According to Dune, over $5 billion of digital assets have been exchanged via these bots so far. While this has attracted more traders, it has also made the space a honeypot for hackers and scammers.

The flawed design of the typical bot also aids the decay. Most bots won’t allow trading if a user hasn’t deposited funds into a wallet they’ve created. This leaves user funds prone to hacks if the trading bot isn’t mindful of security.

This actually happened to Unibot, one of the biggest trading bots on Telegram. Or, even worse, the bot creators could disappear with the money, an allegation Banana Gun has been accused of.

Lazy security is a big issue in the Telegram trading bot space. Apart from impeding adoption, this has also prevented the space from reaching its full potential.

Bitbot, a hot new crypto launching today, is here to fix that.

What is Bitbot and what does it do?

Bitbot is the elegant solution that Telegram traders have been yearning for. Developed by ex-Wall Street traders, it combines traditional financial expertise with blockchain innovation. It offers a unique platform equipped with institutional-grade tools and proprietary AI, which makes trading both safe and efficient.

Unlike its competitors, the hot new crypto gives its users complete sovereignty over their assets. It partners with Knightsafe, an open-source self-custody service, to ensure that no party has access to or visibility to the wallets of anyone who uses it. This makes it the first-ever non-custodial Telegram trading bot.

Bitbot is also committed to developing anti-MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) features to ensure that investor profits aren’t skimmed away by bots and anti-rug features, preventing the development from disappearing with investors’ money. They work by monitoring a project’s contract management and on-chain behavior for tell-tell signs of foul play. Both features work to safeguard users against manipulative practices and scam projects.

Good security is just the start

Bitbot offers an array of tools that help traders maximize their gains. First is a powerful sniping tool that automatically identifies high-potential presale opportunities before they pump, increasing the likelihood of stellar returns. Next, there’s a copy trade feature that lets users mimic the trades of top-performing wallets based on their on-chain activities. This feature is great for new traders or traders who aren’t sure about making in-depth investment analyses. Additionally, Bitbot offers wallet management services to help investors keep their wallets organized.
Even more, holders of BITBOT, the platform’s native token, get a fair share of the daily revenue it generates and will also have governance rights that come with token staking. A referral program will reward referrers with 15% of the trading fees generated by their referrals.

Of the 1 billion tokens minted, Bitbot is releasing 300 million tokens for its presale event. A further 200 million of those tokens will be set aside for development with a 6-month cliff and a 24-month linear emission schedule, ensuring that the team will be continuously incentivized to improve the platform. Additionally, this will help guard against a rug pull by locking in the team tokens for two years.

In essence, Bitbot is exactly what Telegram crypto traders have been waiting for. It puts institutional power in the hands of everyday traders, giving them access to information that will help them maximize their profits without having to put much time and effort into research and analysis.

BITBOT: The future of Telegram trading bots

As 2024 unfolds and Bitcoin’s halving draws nearer, the crypto market is anticipating a bull run. Propelled by the boom, low-cap crypto projects are expected to make substantial gains. And since Telegram boasts roughly 800 million daily active users and is the cornerstone of crypto and Web3 communication, it’s no surprise that Telegram trading bots are beginning to blossom.

Imagine how high BITBOT could go when Unibot, a popular Telegram trading bot that was hacked, started at a price of $17.62 per token and is now priced at $85.27 and has a $70 million market cap. Banana Gun, another famous Telegram bot that’s yet to shake off rug-pull allegations, is still valued at $28 million. It started at $9.9389 and is currently trading for $12.80, according to CoinMarketCap.

This means that BITBOT, with its strong security and enticing features, has every chance of soaring 100x to 200x in the very near future as its newly launched presale looks to accelerate through its stages.

The hot new crypto is priced at $0.0100, and 300 million tokens are available during its 15-stage presale event, which starts today. Early investors stand to make the biggest gains as it revolutionizes the Telegram trading bot space.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.