Italian Government Develops Blockchain Platform To Oppose E-Commerce Giants
The Italian authorities intend to bring the entire network trade under full control. The goal of the project is to initiate competition with e-Commerce giants — primarily Amazon, Alibaba and eBay
27 February 2019 09:55, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
How to become a Data Scientist?
BNT figures out how to learn one of the most fashionable and in-demand professions — Data Scientist. How long will it take to get to know the world of data analysis and what kind of result should one expect?
25 February 2019 12:48, UTC Margareth Nail
Sberbank Ranked The Second Strongest Brand In The World Due To Digitalization
The Russian bank was outranked only by Ferrari. What are the reasons for the overwhelming success of a national financial institution at the global level?
25 February 2019 08:18, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Blockchain Education in Africa: An Establishment Of Global Talent Source?

The success of fintech companies in Africa is difficult to overestimate. However, there is one rather weighty problem — the lack of specialists. Education might be the key

22 February 2019 11:59, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Private Cities Emerge — Is It A Sign Of Global Decentralization Coming?
"Smart" cities are known to be based on technocratic principles, and there are also concepts of private cities based on the idea of ​​voluntarism. Is it to become a trend?
18 February 2019 06:47, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Two Reports Claim The Cybersecurity Threats Were Growing During The Last Year

Cybersecurity remains an actual problem in the field of digital economy. By the end of January, two companies almost simultaneously reported on cyber crimes in 2018

05 February 2019 12:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Blockchain in Football: How Crypto and The Digital Ledger are Modernising European Clubs
Blockchain has great potential in a number of different industries. Football is the latest among a string of industries taking steps to adopt blockchain technology
01 February 2019 11:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
TON Rumored To Be 90% Complete. Сan This Project Change The Market Game?
TON used to disappear from the media field. Now the project of Durov brothers is on the way to a triumphal return. A large investor meeting should take place over the next 30 days
31 January 2019 14:17, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Blockchain Market and Technology Trends in 2019: What To Expect
We studied forecasts, different articles, and analytical reports, summing up the visions in a story about the trends named to be the main ones for the nearest future
29 January 2019 11:01, UTC Denis Goncharenko
IoT Vulnerabilities Cost More Than $500,000 Per Month. How To Protect Devices?
8% of companies lose $5 million per month from cyber attacks. The number of IoT devices is expected to increase to 50 billion by 2020. What are the main cybersecurity threats currently?
19 December 2018 20:33, UTC Mikhail Kashin
Storm Over Bitcoin: Quadrupling Lightning Network May Open Pandora's Box
Lightning Network is in the spotlights of crypto community every week for the last couple of months. It is breaking new milestones, and we couldn’t have avoided the phenomenon.
07 December 2018 17:05, UTC Daniil Danchenko, Anna Zhygalina, Denis Goncharenko
Hacking Human 101: Pros And Cons of Transhumanism
Transhumanism is about creating the best experiences for humanity by merging with technology more closely. People often the way the human race can become better by integrating with technologies. However, this is a significantly controversial topic with many barriers that are yet to be fully explored.
06 December 2018 12:10, UTC Amardeep Singh
How Self-driving Vehicles To Save Annually $488 Bln in US
How the FOMO effect will give the early disruptors a good opportunity to push the giants like Mercedes, BMW and Ford, out of the market. And why GM is shutting down its existing production plants in the North America and invest $1.1 billion in robo-taxi
05 December 2018 11:59, UTC Ritukar Vijay, Industry expert on autonomous vehicles
Will AI Disrupt The Duties Of Your Doctor And Why It Might Create A Better Healthcare Industry
The medical and healthcare industries are subject to rapid change in AI and machine learning technologies. Will they somehow affect the duties of your doctor and in what way?
05 December 2018 08:34, UTC Amardeep Singh
Blockchain gaming industry. TRON claims the throne?
Ethereum and TRON are ‘fighting’ for the blockchain gaming market dominance. TRON has everything necessary to win in the nearest future.
03 December 2018 12:59, UTC Vitaliy Bednarskiy
Big Crypto Crush Of 2018: Mining Is Dead But Not Quite Yet
Back in 2016 cryptocurrency mining was an enthusiast and visionaries thing. In 2017 mining and bitcoin became known by everyone. But what is happening with mining in the end of 2018?
27 November 2018 09:36, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Unprofitable Mining. How Bitcoin Price Decrease Affected Mining Future

Bitcoin price decrease to lower than $4,000 makes mining unprofitable in several countries including Canada, Iceland and the USA that were regarded as world leaders in the industry

26 November 2018 17:13, UTC Vitaliy Bednarskiy
The Ancient Tragedy On The Digital Market Stage: EOS Reversed The Transaction And Created Environment For Corruption
The EOS network returned the money stolen in blockchain to the user. A good piece of news for ordinary people but a bad one for the future of the digital market
21 November 2018 17:11, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Blockchain Is a New Playground For The Sports Industry. But No Teams Here Yet
Sports industry has billions of revenues, but is is an old-school playground with legacy players roughly protecting positions. Blockchain creates a new field and changes the rules.
13 November 2018 13:13, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Blockchain As Digital Evidence in Court. The Power of Giants Ernst & Young and Microsoft
Damage from trade secrets theft is $600 billion, pirated software gets $225 billion in the US per year. Blockchain becomes an evidence for intellectual property protection in court
12 November 2018 12:57, UTC Anna Zhygalina