Crypto Companies to Register With BaFin Starting 2020
The reason for such a change of heart seems to be the implementation of EU-wide Anti Money Laundering laws which entails better KYC regulations
26 July 2019 06:47, UTC
Brave Browser Introduces the BAT Withdrawal Function For Uphold
Members of the Brave community are already discussing on Reddit the possibility of moving BAT tokens after verifying the Uphold walle
25 July 2019 12:53, UTC
Ripple Publishes Q2 Report: Sales Increased By 48%
Direct institutional sales have increased, however, programmatic sales still made up most of the total
25 July 2019 09:43, UTC
Coinbene and MasterCard To Launch a Card With "100% Cryptocurrency" Integration
The blog post states that the card can be used for any activity, including withdrawals and deposits, payment of bills, transfers and integration with WeChat
24 July 2019 11:26, UTC
Nigerian Deputy Calls for Crypto Regulation to Catch Up to Other Countries
Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of the African continent, therefore they’re considered to spearhead most of the development in the region, be it financial or technological
24 July 2019 09:16, UTC
Circle Moves to Bermuda. Why?
According to Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, approximately 70% of Poloniex users live outside the US
23 July 2019 13:19, UTC
India Is Just a Step Away From a Total Ban Of Cryptocurrency
The Indian Interdepartmental Committee (IMC) stated that the government should ban virtual currencies, and also presented the bill
23 July 2019 08:59, UTC
Iran Postpones the Issue of Licenses for Mining Equipment
IRICA has not yet issued any licenses, despite the fact that the tariff rate for imports has been determined: there is still no approval by the government and the Central Bank
22 July 2019 09:35, UTC
Crypto Crimes Cost $2.28 Bln In South Korea
The ministry claimed that 132 criminals and fraudsters associated with cryptocurrency had been indicted and detained during the specified period
22 July 2019 08:25, UTC
Zcash Network Awaits For a Fork: Ycash To Be Created
The first of its kind, it boasts an almost identical codebase with Zcash, but will function as a separate network and an actual competitor
19 July 2019 09:57, UTC
Researchers Determined The Hours Of Highest Bitcoin Volatility
LongHash is the crypto analytic company and its research is based on the archives of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges
19 July 2019 08:38, UTC
McDonald's, Nestlé and Virgin Media Join Blockchain-based Project for Digital Ads
The project was first announced in May 2019, and now it is joined by global industry giants such as Zenith, OMD UK and Manning Gottlieb OMD
18 July 2019 12:10, UTC
PayPal Announces Xoom App to Compete With Ripple
Xoom will have a ready user base at its disposal: the customers use PayPal services worldwide, and the application will add functionality
18 July 2019 08:46, UTC
Buterin’s Proposal Regarding BCH Caused a Wave of Criticism
Vitalik suggested using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain as a temporary solution, but this provoked a negative reaction from Ethereum supporters
17 July 2019 12:03, UTC
Siemens Wants To Introduce Blockchain Into Carsharing
Siemens, an electronics and automation tech giant, has shown interest in blockchain-based solutions, like many of its competitors before that
16 July 2019 12:18, UTC
Mnuchin Echoes Trump: Crypto Market Freezes
The Minister made a statement and called the use of cryptocurrency to finance illegal activities a matter of national security
16 July 2019 09:37, UTC
Dash Introduces Solution Against "51% Attacks"
Small crypto networks are more vulnerable to attacks of this kind. In view of this, the Dash team has taken steps to mitigate the risks
15 July 2019 12:01, UTC
Wells Fargo Prohibits Customers to Acquire Cryptocurrency
It turns out that by banning a client from making transactions in bitcoins, Wells Fargo does not provide the “range of financial needs” for its clients, as stated
15 July 2019 09:27, UTC
Trump Criticized Cryptocurrencies. How Did The Markets Respond?
This is Trump's first public comment on cryptocurrency since he became the President of the United States
12 July 2019 12:52, UTC
Bitpoint Exchange Hacked; Losses Amount About $32 Mln
On Thursday, employees noticed a suspicious withdrawal of funds from the hot wallet. The exchange suspended all operations, including trading, input and output of all crypto assets
12 July 2019 09:06, UTC