Nine entities set to receive Chinese Central Bank cryptocurrency
According to a Forbes report, they are set to receive massive amounts of the Chinese Central Bank’s cryptocurrency in order to somehow combat the future launch of Libra
28 August 2019 11:53, UTC
Parity Needs More Time For Ethereum Proposals, Istanbul Fork Postponed
Wei Tang, the developer of Parity, claims that the organization needs two more weeks before the team starts choosing the block number for the Istanbul fork
28 August 2019 11:15, UTC
UK Political Party Says the Current Crypto Policy Is a Bust, Introduces New Option
The National Liberal Party has come out with a post on their website where they criticize the UK government for their failure to introduce a comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation
27 August 2019 13:23, UTC
Wanchain (WAN) Price Rose By 117% In Anticipation Of Transition To PoS
The cost of one WAN token at the time of publication is estimated at $0.48. Market capitalization currently stands at $ 51.2 million
27 August 2019 11:54, UTC
HSBC Bank Is First To Complete A Transaction On EU Bank-led Blockchain Platform
We.trade reduces transaction time to 24 hours instead of 10-12 days, which may be required for a traditional letter of credit required to complete such a transaction
26 August 2019 14:24, UTC
Bank of England Governor Сalls for Digital Currency As Global Reserve
Financier called for a dramatic change in global monetary policy, as a result of which central banks will be more interested in digital currencies
26 August 2019 09:23, UTC
The Central Bank of Rwanda Explores the Possibility of Issuing Its Own Digital Currency
The National Bank of Rwanda (NBR) is studying reports conducted by central banks on the topic of digital currencies, considering the issue of conversion as a key one
23 August 2019 12:00, UTC
Ethereum Can Become The First Public Blockchain In Hyperledger Consortium
Such proposal was sent via mailing list of the Hyperledger. If accepted, Pantheon will be renamed Hyperledger Besu and added to Hyperledger umbrella
23 August 2019 11:28, UTC
San Marino: Tokens As A Bonus To Environmentally Responsible Consumers
The initiative was sponsored by Dnv Gl, an international certification organization, and VeChain, a technology services provider
23 August 2019 09:47, UTC
Tether Is Expected To Release Yuan Stablecoin
This was announced by Zhao Dong, an over-the-counter (OTC) trader from China and a shareholder of the Bitfinex crypto exchange, which is associated with Tether
22 August 2019 11:35, UTC
Austria's Leading Mobile Operator Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency
One of the largest mobile operators in Austria, A1, plans to accept cryptocurrency as a payment for services at certain retail outlets
22 August 2019 09:15, UTC
SEC Fines ICO Rating Agency
ICO Rating Agency allegedly agreed to cease and desist from committing any violations of these provisions in the future
21 August 2019 13:47, UTC
Bank of America Filed A Patent Application For Digital Currency Wallet
The second largest US bank has filed an application called “Multi-Tiered Digital Wallet Security” at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
20 August 2019 12:10, UTC
Israeli Regulator Plans To Speed Up Licenses For Fintech And Blockchain Companies
About 2,000 enterprises in fintech and blockchain segments await to receive licenses from the state regulator
20 August 2019 10:08, UTC
Spanish Megabank Santander Group Plans Further Ripple Implementation
The bank has not reported how many Latin American countries it plans to connect, but at the moment it serves Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico
19 August 2019 13:20, UTC
Silvergate Capital Corporation Plans To Provide Loans For Crypto Companies
In a situation when the cryptocurrency market is going through a difficult period of relations with the banks, Silvergate Capital proposed a solution for crypto startups
19 August 2019 09:40, UTC
Report: “Dusting” Attack On Litecoin Has Affected About 300,000 Addresses
The actual intentions behind the distribution of the smallest shares of cryptocurrencies are not always possible to understand, the researchers report
16 August 2019 13:42, UTC
Italian Financial Guard Warns of Cryptocurrency Risks
According to department analysts, it is necessary to assess the risks of cryptocurrencies at the supranational level and develop predictable forecasts to protect Italy at a strategic level
16 August 2019 12:02, UTC
US FinCEN Is Getting Nervous About Cryptocurrencies In The Betting Industry
On Tuesday this week, the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network held the annual meeting with gambling operators about the compliance with the country’s AML laws
16 August 2019 08:01, UTC
Ripple Under Fire: Lawsuit And Bearish Predictions
US investor changes lawsuit text against company in which he claims that Ripple misled investors and sold XRP as an unregistered security
15 August 2019 13:50, UTC