How Artificial Intelligence Can Help IoT in 2020
AI and IoT are going to have massive impacts on the future on behaviours, structures, and transactions. Manan Ghadawala describes which industries and sectors to take the most
15 July 2019 13:20, UTC Manan Ghadawala
Dash Introduces Solution Against "51% Attacks"
Small crypto networks are more vulnerable to attacks of this kind. In view of this, the Dash team has taken steps to mitigate the risks
15 July 2019 12:01, UTC
Wells Fargo Prohibits Customers to Acquire Cryptocurrency
It turns out that by banning a client from making transactions in bitcoins, Wells Fargo does not provide the “range of financial needs” for its clients, as stated
15 July 2019 09:27, UTC
Partners news
Bloconomic Expo bridging Malaysia’s government and global investors
Bloconomic Expo 2019 is set to be the biggest blockchain event in Malaysia with over 3000 attendees that come from around the world including investors, venture capitalist and tech enthusiasts
15 July 2019 06:56, UTC
Trading Bitcoin Cash in 2019-2020: What to Expect?
Cryptocurrency investors do not yet consider Bitcoin Cash as a long term investment asset. This coin is used rather as a speculative tool. For this reason, the future of BCH is quite uncertain.
13 July 2019 14:09, UTC
Guest posts
The Impact of the Libra Announcement on the Crypto Space
Almost four weeks after the Libra announcement the buzz has died down and a more rational assessment can be made. Giuseppe Gori expresses his stance on the project of Facebook
12 July 2019 13:42, UTC Giuseppe Gori
Trump Criticized Cryptocurrencies. How Did The Markets Respond?
This is Trump's first public comment on cryptocurrency since he became the President of the United States
12 July 2019 12:52, UTC
Bitpoint Exchange Hacked; Losses Amount About $32 Mln
On Thursday, employees noticed a suspicious withdrawal of funds from the hot wallet. The exchange suspended all operations, including trading, input and output of all crypto assets
12 July 2019 09:06, UTC
Will FCA’s Crypto CFD Ban Harm Or Benefit the Crypto Industry?
The FCA has notified several media outlets that it will be holding meetings in the near future to determine the legal matters for Contracts for Difference on cryptocurrencies
11 July 2019 14:32, UTC Giorgi Mikhelidze
Samsung Releases Software Dev Kit For Blockchain And DApp
According to the announcement, the Samsung Blockchain SDK will provide account management and backup, simplify payment, digital signature, and more
11 July 2019 11:57, UTC
Opera Adds Support For Bitcoin And TRON
Before that, the crypto wallet supported only Ethereum and ERC tokens. With the new update, users can send and receive BTC and TRX as well
11 July 2019 08:51, UTC
South Africa Suffers From New Crypto Ponzi Schemes
The educational programs in Africa should be popularized even more, because of fraud and scams following the path of technological growth amid regulatory uncertainty
10 July 2019 13:54, UTC Denis Goncharenko, Konstantin Rabin
LG Files a Patent For Crypto Wallet
LG Corporation is working on a project for the cryptocurrency industry. A large number of software solutions and various types of hardware are listed in the application
10 July 2019 10:03, UTC
The New Solution By Kakao is Supposedly 15 Times Faster Than Ethereum
It is argued that as a result of fast processing, Kakao solution provides 300 transactions per second while Ethereum is capable of 20
10 July 2019 09:10, UTC
Bitfinex: LEO Will Be Bought With Revenue From Tokenix IEO Platform
The blog post reveals that over the past 15 days, Bitfinex has sent 27% of the income from the Ampleforth token sale to purchase LEO tokens
09 July 2019 14:25, UTC
Jihan Wu Launches New Crypto Startup
The Singapore company hired dozens of former Bitmain employees who were fired from the company as a result of the effects of the 2018 bear market
09 July 2019 09:34, UTC
Eastern European blockchain projects you should monitor in 2019-2020
The region is one of the main centers of global IT industry, thanks to a high-quality workforce and technical education, as well as scientific school and engineering traditions
08 July 2019 14:31, UTC Dima Kovalchuk
The Swiss Stock Exchange SIX To List ETP Based On Bitcoin Cash
It is discussed that BCH ETP is supported by Roger Ver himself. The estimated cost of the product is about $10 mln
08 July 2019 14:02, UTC
Waves CEO Considers a Token Buyback
Waves CEO Alexander IVANOV created a poll on Twitter to ask the Waves community whether to consider buying tokens
08 July 2019 11:57, UTC
IEOs Popularity On the Upswing; Outdo STOs & ICOs In H1 2019
IEOs have been incredibly successful at raising funds, providing immediate returns to investors, offering an exit on an exchange and have rekindled investor interest
08 July 2019 07:38, UTC Gregory S. Mathew