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SANWEAR™ and Soundscape Avatars: A Sonic Revolution in the NFT World

source-logo  blockster.com 05 December 2023 07:46, UTC

Get ready for a game-changing collaboration between cutting-edge audio tech and blockchain! Based in Los Angeles, SAN Sound, Inc. is excited to unveil SANWEAR™ and the Soundscape Avatar NFT. This release brings together the latest in Hyper Reality Audio™ headphones with innovative on-chain identities.

SANWEAR™, the brainchild of acclaimed 0N1 Force artist IMCMPLX and Beats by Dre's founding engineer David Leung, stands as a testament to audio innovation. Blending Hyper Reality Audio™ with interactive blockchain technologies, SANWEAR™ promises a new dimension in the global audio landscape, delivering unparalleled auditory realism and spatiality, all within a pocket-sized form.

"Our goal with SANWEAR is not just to listen, but to live the audio. We're crafting an emotional journey unmatched in today's audio world," declares CEO David Leung.

The release includes two distinctive NFTs: the Soundscape Avatar NFT, a PFP-style Avatar designed in collaboration with Cromagnus, and the SANWEAR™ NFT, an on-chain representation of the revolutionary Hyper Reality Audio headphones. The combo will be available December 4 for the Allow List and December 21 for the public.

The Soundscape Avatar NFT, with 3,333 customizable Avatars, serves as a gateway to a new era of on-chain interaction. Leveraging EIP-6551, these Avatars act as genuine on-chain identities with swappable accessories, unlocking the full potential of SAN Sound's mobile app, The Soundscape™. The app offers competitive rewards, active and passive earning, and hyper-realistic audio experiences.

SAN Sound's mission extends beyond technological innovation; it's a movement to shift value from large audio corporations back to individual listeners and content creators. This mint provides a unique opportunity for audio enthusiasts and NFT collectors to be at the forefront of this audio revolution.

About SAN Sound, Inc.

SAN Sound is at the forefront of transforming how individuals engage with creators and experience music. Seamlessly combining high-quality audio with blockchain technology, SAN Sound is redefining the global audio landscape.

For more information and to participate in the mint, visit www.sansound.io.