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Galxe and FNCY of Metaverse World collaborate strategically

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 18 September 2023 13:51, UTC

Galxe has announced its strategic partnership with FNCY of Metaverse World. The objective is to provide an epic experience to players, for which Galxe has said that it will be integrating the blockchain mainnet of its partner along with FNCY Wallet. FNCY of Metaverse World is a subsidiary of Netmarble F&C. The reason for choosing Netmarble is that it has been in the mobile gaming industry since 2000. Therefore, it possesses the necessary experience and abilities for the growth of both partners.

Seo Woo-won, the Chief Executive Officer of Netmarble, has called Galxe the best partner in forming and expanding the Web3 community. They have also stated that Netmarble will now leverage the potential of this partnership to expand the community of FNCY and the blockchain ecosystem.

Moving forward, Galxe and FNCY plan to conduct events and draft campaigns to revitalize the FNCY chain. Galxe is confident that the strategic partnership will give a chance to decentralized applications hosted by FNCY in its ecosystem to explore Galxe.

Galxe has previously partnered with Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum, among others, to help them propel their growth. The list includes approximately 3,300 partners. Galxe has more than 12 million unique users at the time of this announcement. All the partnerships at Galxe are pointed in the direction of cultivating genuine connections between brands and citizens across the world. Brands here pertain to the ones that are into blockchain technologies.

The development follows Galxe launching the Learn-to-Earn campaign. The idea is to introduce community members to new chains, projects, and Web3 communities.

Galxe is an ideal partner for the association. This is evident from the fact that it has a lot of benefits, like Web3 rewards, educational resources, and the frequent launch of new features. The learning environment consists of competitions and challenges that help users learn and gain knowledge. The interaction gives them experience along with gaming rewards—loyalty points and NFTs are two of the most popular rewards.

Educational resources by Galxe include blogs, case studies, and articles, along with a biweekly newsletter. The idea here is to keep the community members in the loop about what is happening at the moment. Changes can be swift and missed in the blink of an eye. Active daily engagement on X, formerly Twitter, is 1 million followers, and daily active users are 170k. Covering all of them together is tiresome; however, the availability of educational resources helps members keep track of what is happening.

The list of new features can be long. So, to cut it crisply, the Loyalty Points System is a perfect example to talk about. It grants users exclusive access to a private Discord channel and merchandise.

Galxe keeps working for the community, and a partnership with FNCY of Metaverse World is a perfect way to summarize that. Both will leverage key elements—the blockchain mainnet and engaging campaigns.