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MetalCore launches Barony guild system to enhance PvP experience

source-logo  cryptobriefing.com 18 June 2024 00:13, UTC

Blockchain-based game MetalCore introduces its guild program called Barony system, according to an announcement from Studio 369, the team behind the title. This system allows players to establish self-governed factions, known as Baronies, enhancing their gameplay experience through accelerated progression, resource sharing, and recruitment opportunities. Players within these Baronies can unite to dominate large-scale PvP faction wars.

Each Barony features a full hierarchy of roles, starting from the supreme Baron leader to Ministers, Knights, Initiates, and more. Higher-tier “Premium Baronies” enjoy additional privileges like exclusive in-game events.

“With Baronies, we’re enabling gamers to create their own powerful in-game nations and forge their destiny through unity and loyalty,” said Matt Candler, CEO of Studio 369. “Only those banding together in mighty Baronies will be able to claim dominance on the war-torn battlefields of Kerberos.”

Prominent gaming guilds, including Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, W3GG, Perion, Ancient8 Gaming, and Avocado DAO are already setting up Baronies, poised to leverage early unlocking benefits at launch. Together, these gaming guilds boast over 100 million gamers, according to the announcement.

“Baronies represent a true democratization of gameplay, putting the ability to form powerful in-game factions into the hands of players themselves,” added Candler. “The potential for emergent gameplay and epic collective storytelling is limitless.”

Studio 369 anticipates the rollout of the Barony system in Q3 2024, ahead of MetalCore’s full release on PC and the Epic Games Store.