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QuickSwap positioned live on Polygon zkEVM

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 30 March 2023 13:20, UTC

QuickSwap, at the present moment in time, happens to be the very first DEX to be successfully positioned live on the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta. The decision to do so was made through a governance vote in which the connected community was unanimous in its decision to vote for the launch.

The entity has always been working towards the ultimate form of privacy, as well as effectiveness, coupled with a high level of upgradability and a healthy safety system. It firmly believes these attributes to be absolutely intrinsic to DeFi.

Polygon zkEVM happens to be a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 upgradability solution. It happens to be utilizing cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-Rollups) in order to be able to make provision for very quick validation, as well as finality, where off-chain transactions are concerned.

Having this EVM-adaptable framework set up, developers find themselves in the position to be able to conveniently position Ethereum-oriented smart contracts in a clear fashion and obtain the advantages of better upgradability, as well as better fee structure and much more privacy and safety.

zkEVM happens to basically be a virtual machine that was created to imitate EVM. The ZK Rollups happen to function on top of Ethereum’s Mainnet in order to be able to further upgradability, as well as hike up its TPS (transactions per second), through which the validity proofs can conveniently be authenticated.

The ZK Rollups happen to bring together huge bunches of transactions and make them go through the Ethereum network with the help of a sole zero-knowledge validity proof. It happens to be coming at a much lesser price and provides better transaction finality. At the present moment in time, QuickSwap happens to be running on Polygon, as well as Dogechain and zkEVM. They are out to provide more DeFi products, along with features, to their connected community.