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Ternoa Unveils zkEVM+ Testnet to Offer Native Privacy and Integrity Proofs

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 17 June 2024 22:00, UTC

Ternoa, a cross-layer protocol using confidential computing to further secure blockchain, has recently introduced a new project. As per the platform, it is unveiling zkEVM+ which is a privacy and security-centric layer 2 that Polygon has developed on Ethereum. The testnet launch of the respective project on Ternoa offers censorship resistance through integrity proofs.

As Ethereum keeps scaling, trust assumptions weighing on digital assets holders matter

Discover zkEVM+, our take at making ETH a safer place

Built on @0xPolygon CDK, combining ZK + TEEs proofs and @AvailProject DA, co-implemented with @0xZeeve

👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 https://t.co/WM0Of1r0gh pic.twitter.com/5vNcqjcQX5

— Ternoa 🟪 🟣 (@Ternoa_) June 17, 2024

Ternoa Releases zkEVM+ Testnet to Enable Native Privacy and Integrity Proofs

The platform took to its official social media account on X to announce this endeavor. Additionally, it published an exclusive blog post on Medium to provide the details of the project. It noted that zkEVM+ provides users and builders in the Ethereum ecosystem with native privacy. Polygon CDK is responsible for developing the project. zkEVM+ combines Avail Data Availability and hybrid coprocessor facilities in an exceptional architecture.

Avail and Polygon’s co-founder Anurag Arjun also commented on this project. He, as an advisor to zkEVM+, labeled it as a significant contribution to assist Ternoa in scaling the roadmap of Ethereum. The platform already comprises one of the biggest France-based blockchain infrastructure-related communities. The company is also collaborating with big corporate accounts in France like Stellantis and Caisse des Dépôts & Consignations.

The respective accounts also take into account gaming companies like Tap Nation and Japanese studios such as Toho. The release of the project reportedly takes place after the launch of a privacy stack in the form of a Polkadot sdk layer 1 chain. Ternoa has been making huge endeavors to back enterprise adoption through its partnerships with the top players.

The Platform Facilitates EVM Developers with Exclusive Initiatives

At the moment, many decentralized applications like “Time Guardian” are using the privacy stack of Ternoa. Time Guardian operates as a mobile application focusing on the management of digital inheritance. Moreover, an abstracted wallet “Keeper Defi” also leverages the privacy stack. It reportedly gives exclusive DeFi-related opportunities. Currently, it is providing a CAPS incentive project.

Furthermore, Ternoa is substantially facilitating EVM developers. Therefore, the builders pursuing to release their apps on a thoroughly secured infrastructure can benefit from it. For this purpose, Ternoa is initiating a CAPS grant project of nearly $500k worth. The endeavor targets onboarding the latest projects and developers while the Testnet phase goes on.