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CLS Global Commences a Partnership with Sign for Transparency and Security

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 17 June 2024 20:47, UTC

CLS Global, a prominent platform offering cryptocurrency trading services, has recently started an exclusive partnership. According to the firm, it is joining forces with Sign which is an e-signing forum leveraging blockchain technology for the provision of a transparent, customizable, and decentralized mechanism. The platform took to the social media platform X to announce the respective initiative.

@CoinLiquidity 🤝 @ethsign

We're excited to announce our partnership with Sign Protocol – the pioneering #Web3 omni-chain attestation protocol.

This collaboration will allow us to leverage Sign Protocol's decentralized #blockchain-anchored infrastructure to provide enhanced… pic.twitter.com/Ei2oRJCipA

— CLS GLOBAL (@CoinLiquidity) June 17, 2024

CLS Global Begins a Unique Partnership with Sign to Offer Enhanced Transparency and Security

In a recent social media post thereof, CLS Global expressed its enthusiasm regarding the respective project. It also disclosed the nature of the services that Sign Protocol provides. The platform mentioned that its latest partner provides a blockchain-anchored infrastructure. In line with the new endeavor, CLS Global will get assistance from Sign to provide a better user experience.

The platform added that, as a part of this collaboration, it will leverage the decentralized infrastructure of Sign Protocol to offer improved security. In addition to this, the partnership will also let the platform provide enhanced transparency. Moreover, the consumers will also enjoy verifiability in the case of the on-chain attestations with this initiative. In general, the development majorly focuses on meeting the latest requirements of the clients.

The Joint Effort Aims to Raising Faith in Digital Assets

Apart from that, the platform also reflected on the nature of the respective initiative. It brought to the front that the partnership plays the role of a landmark in its progress. The platform moved on to say that the collaboration with Sign denotes a significant step in its pursuit of innovation.

The company also revealed that this joint effort targets increasing the trust of the users in the ecosystem of digital assets. In conclusion, the firm expressed hope for the provision of a secure and unparalleled trading experience in collaboration with Sign Protocol.