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XRP Price To $3, $5 and $11: Here is the Projected Timeline

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 23 February 2024 08:27, UTC

XRP has the potential to surmount its current growth stagnancy, with longer-term projections setting up lofty targets as high as $11.

Multiple market watchers consider XRP an undervalued asset. Amid the sustained confidence in the asset, many are optimistic it has the potential to soar to $3, $5, and $11 in the long term. Let’s explore the possible time these price targets can be attained.

Projected Timeline for XRP to Hit $3

One of the avenues The Crypto Basic has explored in the past to get this forecast was through the AI chatbot from OpenAI, ChatGPT. After the initial protest, the Jailbreak response from ChatGPT projected that the price of XRP might hit the $3 price market by the end of 2024.

This forecast is based on a number of factors, ranging from the favorable outcome for Ripple Labs in its yet-to-be-concluded legal battle with the US SEC to The AI chatbot is also optimistic that the approval of spot Bitcoin ETF might shift the sentiments positively in favor of XRP.

Projected Timeline for XRP to Jump to $5

Notably, XRP currently trades for $0.5412. While hitting the $3 price mark from its current price level is an ambitious goal, some proponents are optimistic about XRP touching $5. This price level will mark more than 823% growth from its current price level.

Amid these different takes on the potential of XRP to hit $5, Google Bard presents one of the most conservative outlooks. The ChatGPT rival projected a longer-term target of more than three years for this growth milestone.

Projected timeline for XRP to Top $11

On the most bullish front, some community members have considered the possibility of the coin jumping to $11 in the long term.

While this will imply a more than 1,930% growth in the long term, Changelly’s data shows XRP can hit an average price of $11.25 by November 2031, making the target loosely feasible.

Unpredictable volatility movements characterize the crypto ecosystem, and these unforeseen moves might play a huge role in driving XRP to unimaginable levels.