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Short squeeze alert for December 8: Two cryptocurrencies with potential to skyrocket

source-logo  finbold.com 08 December 2023 15:28, UTC

An altseason is brewing in the cryptocurrency market, with most cryptocurrencies showing bullish signals. Most projects now have a balanced long/short ratio in the derivative market, which hardens the likelihood of a short squeeze event.

Looking into data by CoinGlass on December 8, Finbold spotted two particular cryptocurrencies with a slightly higher weight towards short positions. Essentially, short-sellers dominance usually indicates a bearish sentiment but also creates an appealing upward liquidity for short squeezes.

In particular, BNB Chain (BNB) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) show an open interest heavily weighted toward shorts over long positions in both the 12 and 24-hour time frames. If an altseason really occurs, these two digital assets could face a short squeeze.

BNB Chain (BNB) short squeeze alert

Notably, uncertainty over the cryptocurrency exchange Binance also affects the BNB’s performance. This impact can be observed in a dominant bearish indicator for open short positions in derivatives.

The native BNB Chain token is trading at $234.57 by press time, with 52% of shorts dominance. Respectively, there are $194.05 million and $331.90 million in open short positions in the last 12 and 24 hours.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) short-sellers could be liquidated

In the meantime, Bitcoin Cash is another highly shorted cryptocurrency. For that reason, it has also experienced aggressive short squeezes in the past, which could occur again under the right conditions.

Interestingly, there are $150.43 million of opened short positions in the last 24 hours. Out of which, $66.23 million happened in the last 12 hours, for 53.73% of this time frame open interest.

A short squeeze occurs when these bearish positions get liquidated, facing a surge in demand and price. The increased demand causes a high volume of buy orders to liquidate exchange books, pumping the price and triggering derivative contracts for liquidation, driving the price even further.

However, there are no guarantees that a short squeeze will happen with these cryptocurrencies. Crypto investors must do their own research and consider other data to make profitable financial decisions.

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.