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Ex-Goldman Executive Says Liquidity Injection Will Ignite Explosion in Crypto Space Amid Rapid Building

source-logo  dailyhodl.com 25 September 2023 16:43, UTC

Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal says that the next wave of global liquidity will likely send the crypto space into a frenzy.

In a new discussion on Real Vision, Pal says he was encouraged by the sheer number of people working on interesting projects in the crypto space at the recent Token2049 conference in Singapore.

“If you step back, that space attracts an astonishing amount of smart people. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And everybody is down their deep rabbit hole trying to fix some part of this. Everything was there, from gaming, and how to take away the monopolies of Apple and the control over who takes payments systems, all of this stuff within the gaming economy and the apps economy and the cultural economy.

There are other people trying to solve payment rails, there are other people trying to solve the infrastructure layer, there are other people trying to solve the finance system and how we can put finance on the blockchain…

So it’s so broad and its tentacles are everywhere with these extraordinary groups of smart people. It shocks me every time, because it gets reduced online to Bitcoin and ETH, and when you actually see the magnitude of what is being built, and by the types of people and the kind of smart capital…”

The macro investor says while prices are generally quite far from their historic highs, the industry still has its head down building new things, which bodes well for its future. He says that the next influx of liquidity will likely drive markets upward and into the next bull run.

“It’s an ant colony, and it’s anti-fragile because it’s an ant colony…

As soon as liquidity comes back into the space, you’re like feeding this ant colony and everything comes alive, so it’s very clear to me when I see it.

It’s like everybody’s head is down building, doing their thing, and the moment liquidity comes in the whole place explodes again.”

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