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Creators of Fortnite-Like Ethereum Game 'OpenSeason' Reveal Token Airdrop

source-logo  decrypt.co 17 June 2024 22:35, UTC
The makers of OpenSeason, a crypto-themed battle royale shooter game built around Ethereum NFT access passes, announced details Monday for the studio's upcoming token airdrop to players—and revealed that the giveaway is coming this week.

At some point this week, holders of Fractional Uprising Studios NFT membership passes—which are currently required to play OpenSeason—will automatically receive some portion of the 62.1 million “FU Money” tokens that have been earmarked for this week’s initial airdrop, according to a company blog post.

That sum constitutes 10% of FU’s total token supply. These coins will be handed out based on three wallet snapshots already taken; the longer a user has held the membership pass, the greater the sum of FU they will receive. The token will initially be offered through Arbitrum, the Ethereum layer-2 scaling network.

On Monday, the Fractional Uprising Studios team—which developed the Fortnite-like OpenSeason, which is available via the Epic Games Store—also laid out a long-term roadmap for the FU token.

THE TIME HAS COME.$FU Money is imminent. Read now.https://t.co/Yl32Z4Xrv6

— Fractional Uprising Studios (@FU_STUDIOS) June 17, 2024

After this week’s airdrop, the remaining 90% of the token’s supply will be distributed accordingly: 30% will be earmarked to distribute as community rewards over the next decade, 20% will go to the studio team, with a six month vesting schedule, 5% will go to a liquidity pool on Uniswap, and the remaining 35% will go towards funding future projects from Fractional Uprising.

That pool for future projects, or “FUture Productions” as Fractional Uprising puts it, will be controlled by FU token holders and distributed via grants or other incentive models for builders, a company representative told Decrypt's GG. Those funds will be locked for a full year.

A representative for Fractional Uprising told Decrypt that the structure of exactly how the FU community will fund future projects is fluid, and will take shape over time.

“This is still something that I think we will discover as we move forward,” they said. “Hence we decided to lock for a year to not have to think about it so much for the moment and let time and our experience with [OpenSeason] reveal how to best approach this.”

After this week’s airdrop, membership NFT holders will still be able to earn plenty more “FU Money” over time.

As OpenSeason soon opens beyond NFT pass holders to the general public, those with the pass will be able to refer friends to the game with an invite link, and earn FU not just for each referral but as a commission on all the tokens earned by those friends in-game.

OpenSeason will open up to users with such invite links at some point in the coming months, Krypticrooks, the game’s pseudonymous co-founder, told Decrypt.

They see the incentivized model as a way to mobilize NFT membership pass holders as evangelists for the game, as it grows larger over time.

“The game passes will act almost as an affiliate marketing tool to bring in anybody [regardless] of any knowledge of Web3,” Krypticrooks said. “No wallets, no nothing.”

Edited by Andrew Hayward