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What Could XRP Price be if Ripple Shares Hit $600 After IPO

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 19 April 2024 07:39, UTC

The XRP price could record a surge to greater heights if Ripple hit a valuation of $600 per share after carrying out an IPO in the United States.

Discussions surrounding the imminent Ripple IPO have drastically dropped in recent times, as the community focuses on more contemporary issues like XRP’s underperformance amid the ongoing bull market run.

Despite not surging with the rest of the market during the market uptrend, XRP has now collapsed amid the current downtrend. Notably, while Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are respectively down 3.86% and 5.13% in the past 24 hours, XRP has slumped 8.18% below the $0.50 support.

The Prospect of a Ripple IPO

Some market watchers have speculated that several factors could help trigger or bolster an XRP price resurgence, with multiple targets eyeing two to three-digit price figures. One such factor is the Ripple initial public offering (IPO).

While the blockchain payment firm has not confirmed any projected date for its IPO, its CEO Brad Garlinghouse has acknowledged the possibility of a forthcoming IPO. Moreover, Wall Street veteran Linda Jones disclosed last August that research firm Pitchbook predicts a 98% chance of Ripple going public.

According to a June 2023 report from The Crypto Basic, Jones further argued that the opportune time for Ripple to launch its IPO is when XRP has a low price. Prominent U.S. attorney John Deaton also predicted that Ripple could IPO within a year of securing regulatory triumph in the U.S.

Possible XRP Price Following Ripple IPO

Last May, Jones asserted that Ripple’s shares could skyrocket to $600 after the IPO, reflecting a valuation of $97.7 billion, citing multiple factors such as Coinbase’s valuation post IPO, and Ripple’s extensive XRP holdings.

Notably, data from Linqto indicates that Ripple’s pre-IPO shares currently trade for $44.69, much higher than the $35 value last year. A surge from the current figure would translate to a 1,242% increase in Ripple’s valuation.

Such a massive increase could favorably impact the price of XRP, but there is little historical precedence of correlating data to accurately gauge the scale of this impact. Currently trading for $0.4940 following the market crash, if XRP’s price surged by a similar 1,242% rate expected of Ripple’s shares, it would hit $6.63.

Industry commentators have projected that a rise in Ripple’s shares post-IPO would trigger a similar surge in XRP’s price, leading to anticipation of an IPO among XRP proponents. This argument takes into account the historical correlation between Bitcoin (BTC) and the stocks of Bitcoin mining companies.

However, these comments remain speculative and should not be taken as investment advice. There will not be an automatic price correlation between Ripple’s shares and the price of XRP. As a result, it remains uncertain if XRP would record a surge with the company’s shares.