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Shiba Inu: Shibarium to Undergo Strategic Testnet Upgrade

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 05 December 2023 08:41, UTC

Shibarium, the layer-2 scaling protocol of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem, is set to undergo an upgrade of its testnet, Puppynet, to reflect the ongoing evolution in the Ethereum network.

As contained in the Shiba Inu ecosystem update, the Puppynet upgrade will see the shift of the test environment from the current Goerli testnet to the more functional Sepolia Upgrade. This upgrade will to take place on December 15 as Puppynet enters a new era.

Essential of the Shibarium Puppynet Upgrade

Shibarium is growing, as showcased in the jaw-dropping transaction boost that has seen the total transaction count jump above 35 million with an average daily figure of 7 million transactions.

This steady upshoot in transactions is proof more people are embracing the protocol and as such, developers have to be properly equipped to build the right applications to serve this massive users.

With Ethereum phasing out the Goerli testnet, Shibarium will also follow the trend. This is for the better, as Shibarium on Sepolia will offer a more stable testing environment for developers. As projected, it will offer a closer relationship to the Ethereum mainnet as a testing ground.

As the Shibarium team noted, the upgrade of Puppynet to Sepolia is just one of the major steps to watch out for. There is also a plan to roll out version upgrades for Shibarium that will largely serve the community and developers better moving forward.

Update on Shibarium Burn Mechanism

The latest update also shares insight on the Shibarium Burn Mechanism, as the protocol focuses on innovations that can generally boost underlying value to users in the long run.

Shibarium will implement its burn mechanism in two ways including the “Manual Phase” and “Automated Transition.” In the manual phase, the official deployer wallet will manually manage the burn mechanism. Automation will come into play by January with defined rules to enhance ecosystem transparency.

Burn rate is currently a major part of Shibarium and the broader Shiba Inu ecosystem as a deflationary project. Per the current data, the burn rate has soared by more than 7686774.46% with 8,349,329,301 SHIB burned by the team.