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Speed of affiliate marketing growth while regulators still decide what to do

07 November 2017 21:00, UTC
Just recently the Cryptoaffiliateconf took place in Prague, Czech Republic — the first conference of such kind. We have seen the tandem of two hype digital themes — the cryptocurrency and affiliate marketing.
Networking is a solid foundation for the event

After the registration, the conference quickly became a meeting party and that’s not a coincidence. Affiliate marketing is all about partners, and looking for those is the main aim for every manager present. The hall was loud with fiery conversations and debates, and there were dozens of reasons for that. The case studies, the forthcoming presentations, the last events at the crypto markets.

“Prague is the unofficial crypto-capital of Europe” — Pavel Bykov, Faunus

Even the first day showed that the conference was a success: the event gathered more than 800 people. Obviously, the organizers made a right decision. Among the representatives of crypto and affiliate business, there also were the representatives of other businesses, officials and just highly interested persons from all over Europe and beyond it. The Cryptoaffiliateconf was visited by representatives of France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and others. It was clear that you should find the partners before the business rivals do.

The place of the conference wasn’t coincidental as well. As Pavel Bykov, the founder and organizer of the event would say, “Prague is the unofficial crypto-capital of Europe” and every event here creates a buzz and attracts attention.

Czech says: let cryptocurrency work!

The claim of Mr. Bykov was confirmed by the fact that the next day Michal Vodrazka, the representative of Ceska Narodni Banka, was the first speaker. The CNB is the central bank in the Czech Republic, being also the supervisor of the Czech financial market.

The signals of the official were clear: Czech is not going to forbid the spread of cryptocurrency on the market. Moreover, since 2013, CNB makes FAQ, background documentation, analytics and gathers statistics.

“Opportunity” is the keyword

After the official presentation, as it sounded “go on with that” between the lines, the other speakers stepped up, with their presentations on affiliate marketing themes. Each of them mentioned the “opportunities” the cryptocurrency brings to the business, speaking about the success of their companies and the role of crypto in it.

Meanwhile, the same themes were discussed in the margins. Some of the entrepreneurs didn’t hesitate to mention the numbers and it was a thing to think over. We asked some questions to the representatives of Avatrade, one of the largest companies in online trading (with more than 60 bln monthly turnover) and found out that due to the cryptocurrencies, their traffic has grown by almost 100%. The word “opportunity” clearly sounded in the dialogue, indeed. Concerning the high rate of conversion, these words by Avatrade are to be believed in.

Some of the market representatives debated a lot at the coffee-break and made a claim that the time of binary options and forwards are over. Their place is taken by bitcoin nowadays. It looked like we were to add “Long live the King!” and to propose a toast to the success of cryptocurrency market.

“Cryptocurrency is the perfect means of payment in affiliate marketing” — Nicolas Liakhovsky, AdPump

Despite the fact that traffic and conversion are the basis of affiliate marketing, they were not the agenda this time. Nicolas Liakhovsky presented the essential theme for all affiliates concerning the blockchain and cryptocurrency and how they are going to upgrade this business. After his presentation, Mr. Liakhovsky gave some comments for Bitnewstoday:

“Cryptocurrency is the perfect means of payment in affiliate marketing. Publishers want to be paid in virtual money, but some companies consider it to be a stopper. Bitcoin has changed the situation. In 2016, it held the 6th place as a payment medium. Today it holds a share of 3%, and this number grows day by day. As for the global market, in my opinion, a good half of the world’s governments will formally approve cryptocurrencies,” — this way Nicolas Liakhovski has shared his optimism.

Blockchain rejuvenates the industry

But not only cryptocurrency means of payment boost affiliate marketing, but blockchain technology in general.

As most of the speakers mentioned, there are some certain advantages of blockchain which are the transparency of payment and bonuses, the diminishment of fraud risks, the exclusion of unnecessary intermediaries.

“The regulators are “on their way” already. In 1.5-2 years risk minimization will occur, but the income from the projects would get lower respectively”

Some experts split over the question whether the landscape of affiliate marketing changes with the appearance of blockchain or not. For example, Peter Wiersma (Market Room), one of the panel discussion participants, marked that blockchain will totally change the markets as the Internet did some time ago. Some speakers reserved their judgments claiming that the market would split to those who is not going to change anything, and those who will do their best to implement blockchain as soon as possible. After instant growing, such companies would be sold to bigger parties which will decide their fate in the end.

Everybody was sure in one thing: blockchain and cryptocurrency provide the opportunity for a good profit here and now, and it should be taken. The regulators are “on their way” already. In 1.5-2 years risk minimization will occur, but the income from the projects would get lower respectively.

“The rising price of bitcoin is the best PR possible”

This was the way Irakli Guntaishvili, the representative of Advendor company, explained the events on the markets. In his opinion, affiliate marketing came alive with the appearance of crypto technologies, and still now it is only the beginning of a new era. Those affiliates involved in the trading traffic were the first ones to sense the perspective. By the way, there were a lot of representatives of this branch present and this was truly evident.

Well, take it for granted, because the revenue share brought to publishers and networks by crypto-traffic is the highest for today. There are some pitfalls, of course, but the fast-acting covers everything. The price of bitcoin rises, the partner rewards are paid out almost instantly. Blockchain and cryptocurrency change the game in a live mode. One should sympathize with the players who didn’t understand the importance of change yet. Still, it is “yet” only.