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SOFTSWISS Has Integrated MetaMask Into Their Online Casino to Optimize Crypto Deposits

19 July 2023 09:59, UTC

Newly developed technologies are leading the change in the digital world, as people can leverage their practicality to be more efficient and productive. Many industries have gone through change in the past couple of years, including the gambling industry. Cryptocurrencies are the latest trend, and many online casinos have started adopting them. Bitcoin is the leading one and it’s among the most popular payment methods today, as you can read more about it here — https://aussielowdepositcasino.com/banking-option/bitcoin/. It has revolutionised how people send and receive money, making the whole process seamless.

In this article, we’re going to go over the fact that SOFTSWISS has integrated MetaMask into their casino. There are thousands of casinos that allow users to make a deposit with fiat currencies. This is useful for players who still want to make deposits with real money. However, tech-savvy gamblers expect to see more platforms accepting crypto payments as well. That’s why SOFTSWISS has integrated this crypto wallet. It wants to meet the expectations of users globally. Keep reading to learn more.


SOFTSWISS is an online casino platform that allows entrepreneurs to create online casinos in a couple of simple steps. It is an all-in-one solution that sets a sturdy foundation for an online casino. The platform makes payment processing, game integration and all the other pain points of starting an online casino simple. As it partners with almost 200 gaming studios, by using SOFTSWISS, an online casino can swiftly integrate one of the 16,000 games.

It offers products for sportsbooks, game aggregators and jackpot aggregators. But the most important part is the payment processing solution that comes ready out of the box. This is why MetaMask integration is so important.

What is MetaMask and What is its Role in Cryptocurrency Transactions?

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that is popular among Ethereum users. It makes using any Ethereum-based token simple. The best part is that it also offers a swap option, so any token that you have can be exchanged for another one that you need. Additionally, it also has an app available for Android and iOS devices, making it a practical crypto wallet.

The best part is that users can also install it as a Google Chrome extension and use it to send any type of Ethereum-based token (ERC-20) to each other. The fact that it’s available on so many platforms and that it’s easy to use has caused it to explode in popularity.

Integration of MetaMask into the SOFTSWISS Platform

Integration of new technologies helps casinos to attract more players to their sites. The perfect example are VR games that are steadily rising in popularity in the online casino world. Besides the popularity of VR, crypto is making strides in conquering the online casino industry. As per SOFTSWISS, over 20% of sports bets are now being done through crypto.

That’s why the platform has decided to support it, as there’s a huge revenue potential for everyone. SOFTSWISS simply meets the demands of the modern market. Here are the most important reasons why MetaMask integration is so important.

Technical Aspects of Integrating MetaMask Into the SOFTSWISS Platform

This is a big step for SOFTSWISS, as integrating crypto into an online casino is not a simple feat. With this out of the way, thousands of casinos that are powered by this software can use it to support MetaMask easily. There are no technical hurdles that the in-house development team would have to go through to set things up. Everything is as simple as it is with any other payment method the platform already supports.

On the user side, all they have to do is select MetaMask on the deposit page and make the transaction. It’s as simple as that. The integration makes the whole process simple for everyone. Both the online casino and its users.

Advantages of Integrating MetaMask for Cryptocurrency Deposits

The advantages of integrating MetaMask are several. The most important to keep in mind are the following:

  • Transaction speed — All Ethereum transactions are practically instant. The crypto network is very scalable, and no matter how many users it has, all the transactions are almost instantaneous. That’s not something traditional payment methods offer.

  • Low fees — Many would expect that with such a fast transaction speed, the cost would come with high fees. But crypto has extremely low fees for transactions. It’s among the cheapest ways of sending money anywhere on the globe.

  • Security — Last but not least, cryptocurrencies have the highest security. Plus, with a couple of simple clicks, you won’t be sharing any payment information with anyone. All you do is connect your MetaMask wallet and perform the transaction with a pre-set password. Zero security risk.

Enhanced Security Measures and Trust for Users

Crypto inherently carries high security due to the blockchain technology behind it. This is a hugely important factor, as people playing with real money want their funds to be secure. All platforms using SOFTSWISS will automatically receive a higher degree of trust from their users. They’ll know that their MetaMask funds are 100% secure when connected to the platform. This will lead to a higher number of users coming to SOFTSWISS-powered platforms.


These are exciting news coming from the SOFTSWISS casino platform. All the online casinos that rely on its platform can now easily integrate MetaMask support, allowing crypto users to make deposits and withdrawals easily. The best part is that the whole process is cheap, secure and fast. While users can enjoy these benefits, casino owners don’t have to worry about developing custom solutions. All they have to do is use the SOFTSWISS platform to set up MetaMask support for their gambling site.

This integration is not only important for the abovementioned benefits, it’s also important for the future. SOFTSWISS has made an important step that will push the whole industry forward. As crypto goes through regulation, we can expect more crypto online casinos to come to life. It’ll lead to further development and popularisation of crypto in the online gambling space. Great times are ahead of us as cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted in various industries.