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Interview with GG MetaGame Executive Producer Alexey Surkov for Crypto News

12 March 2024 15:13, UTC

The video game sector continues to captivate with revenues reaching nearly $347 billion in 2022, a testament to its expansive influence. Despite 2023 being a bit harder for the gaming industry, mobile gaming has carved out a lion’s share, contributing a major part of the revenue. The narrative takes an intriguing turn with the advent of Web3 gaming, heralding a new era of digital interaction and ownership, with major studios accelerating their plans to release big titles and capitalize on the technological opportunities.

At the heart of this story is Alexey Surkov, a seasoned veteran with 15 years in the gaming industry and 12 released projects under his belt. Now, as the Executive Producer of GG MetaGame — the industry’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming platform. In this exclusive interview for Crypto News, we delve into the vision, challenges, and innovations shaping GG MetaGame under his leadership.

1. How do you see the Web3 market currently and its prospects? And accordingly, the position of your project in it.

The Web3 industry, despite all the challenges of the current global situation, is experiencing rapid growth, with Bitcoin hitting new highs even before the halving. In the coming years, Web3 gaming and its tools will be a hype train that investors should definitely hop on.

We are catering to newcomers and companies who already have experience in game development, as well as targeting industry giants. Popular Web3 games like Axie Infinity or CryptoKitties, with millions of users worldwide, even at this stage of development, demonstrate immense potential for Web3 games. However, they still have gameplay shortcomings that GG MetaGame could enhance.

2. Can you discuss the specific ways in which GG MetaGame’s SDK and integrated gaming universe aim to improve player retention and engagement across its titles?

The GG MetaGame’s SDK brings together many casual mobile games into one big game world, making gaming more fun and connected for players. This setup helps keep players interested because they can easily move between different games in this world, and it feels like one big adventure. Players also get special game items that are worth real money, thanks to a system called tokenomics. This means players actually own these items and can use them in different games, making the gaming experience even more exciting and rewarding.

For game makers, especially those in small studios, this SDK makes things simpler. They can add their games to this big game world without worrying about how to get people to play their games. This helps their games get noticed more easily. Plus, the way the system rewards players for playing games encourages them to play more and stick around in this game world. This setup not only makes players more interested and involved but also creates a strong community where players feel like they belong. This is good for both the people making the games and those playing them, as it keeps everyone engaged and connected.

3. How does GG MetaGame plan to support independent developers and smaller studios in overcoming common challenges like game promotion and user acquisition?

GG MetaGame helps small game developers by offering tools for better game promotion and keeping players interested. It uses money from sales and ads to support the developers with Web3 technology, making it easier for small teams to earn without big budgets. MetaGame encourages these developers to collaborate, providing simple integration SDK and extra ways to make money and retain players. This approach lets small studios reach more players and succeed together, overcoming the usual challenges of limited marketing resources and competition.

4. How do NFTs enrich the gaming experience on GG MetaGame, and what unique opportunities do they offer to players in terms of ownership and value?

In GG MetaGame, NFTs let players truly own and trade their game items, characters, and rewards. This ownership adds a new layer of value, as these items can be sold outside the game. NFTs also offer unique perks and allow progress to be kept across different games within GG MetaGame. Backed by the GGMT liquidity pool, these NFTs can be valuable and sold on external markets, providing exclusive content and benefits to players who hold them. This system enhances the gaming experience by giving players more control and rewards for their engagement.

5. Could you elaborate on the concept of cross-game interoperability within GG MetaGame and how it enhances the overall gaming ecosystem?

In GG MetaGame, you can use your game items, achievements, and characters across many different games within our world. This increases the value of your game items and makes your gaming experience more interconnected and thrilling. You can switch between games without losing what you’ve earned or purchased, fostering a vibrant and united gaming community.

For example, let’s say we have Samedi Manor and Movie Mania games, which are on the list for integration into GG MetaGame. In the future, you’ll be able to transfer some artifacts between these two games. Super exciting!

6. Are there any new and exciting game titles or genres that GG MetaGame is planning to introduce to its platform in the near future?

Yes, Green Grey Holding is actively expanding the GG MetaGame platform with new and exciting game titles and genres. Our current portfolio, featuring popular titles such as Samedi Manor and Raid & Rush, each with over 500,000 downloads, and fan favorites like Series and Eco Tycoon, each with more than 100,000 downloads, is just the beginning. These games, along with a host of others, are set to be integrated into GG MetaGame’s unified gaming platform soon.

Our ambitions extend beyond just enhancing our existing collection. We are currently in the process of developing new game titles and are exploring opportunities to bring mobile games from other studios into our platform. This expansion strategy is designed to ensure that GG MetaGame continues to offer a diverse and dynamic range of gaming experiences, appealing to a broad spectrum of player interests and preferences. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements, as we’re excited to unveil the innovative titles and partnerships we have in store for the near future.

7. How does GG MetaGame involve its community in the game development process, and what impact does this have on the games produced?

Blockchain industry projects are not always transparent to users. In our case, building an effective community based on classic game development is further evidence of user involvement in the project, thereby increasing its value.

We engage our community through beta testing, feedback sessions, and even co-creation initiatives. This approach ensures that the games we produce are closely aligned with player expectations and preferences, ultimately leading to higher quality and more engaging content.

8. How does GG MetaGame balance P2E elements to ensure that gameplay remains engaging and rewarding without compromising the gaming experience?

At GG MetaGame, we know that play-to-earn (P2E) is quite new and finding the right way to include it in games can be hard. But, thanks to our vast experience in making games and always learning from the industry, we are getting better at it. We aim to create rewards that are fair and really match the game, making sure that the chance to earn money adds to the fun and challenge, not takes away from it.

9. What strategies is GG MetaGame employing to build a vibrant and active gaming community, and how does this community contribute to the platform’s growth and development?

Our strategies for building a vibrant and active gaming community include leveraging social media, hosting events, contests and providing platforms for player interaction. Our community is the backbone of GG MetaGame, contributing to the platform’s growth and development through feedback, content creation, and evangelism. We emphasize transparency, engagement, and rewards to foster a sense of belonging and investment in our ecosystem’s success.

10. What advice would you give to minor indie game developers who just start their path into web3 gaming?

For indie game developers starting in Web3 gaming, my advice is to focus on building unique and engaging game experiences that leverage the strengths of blockchain technology. Understand your audience, be patient and don’t be afraid to experiment. Collaboration with platforms like GG MetaGame can provide valuable resources and exposure. Remember, innovation and quality are key to standing out in the competitive landscape of Web3 gaming.