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Books about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO

23 April 2018 21:00, UTC
Aleksandre BV
Books about cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO quickly become irrelevant: technologies are developing, new laws are being adopted, the market situation is changing rapidly. Which cryptocurrency books to read? In this article we have collected the best cryptocurrency books, which have not become outdated yet and allow a reader to get the most recent data about the cryptocurrency age and the status of events in the cryptocommunity.

The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

Authors Michael J. Casey, Paul Vigna
Number of pages 320 pages
Publishing company St. Martin's Press
ISBN-10 1250114578
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Authors of this book consider blockchain technologies as an important stage in the development of all mankind and believe that the society is faced with a choice: to use the window of opportunity for the humanization of state institutions, to build open and transparent financial systems and the development of democracy, or to allow archaic state structures to take under control progressive developments of enthusiasts by imposing a dubious criminal reputation on the blockchain community.

In order to better demonstrate important events in the history of distributed ledger technology, analogies from the distant past are provided. Authors describe the current state and try to look into the future, enabling a reader to form his own opinion.

Paul Vigna is a journalist with 25 years of experience. He works for The Wall Street Journal, where he is in charge of an entire sector of blockchain technologies. Paul is a well-known enthusiast of the cryptocommunity. In co-authorship with Michael J. Casey has written another popular book: The Age of Cryptocurrency.

Michael J. Casey is a staff member of MediaLab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Council and a journalist with 18 years of experience in Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Altcoin: Different Cryptocurrencies Compiled In One Book so You Can Get All the Information You Need and Decide Where To Invest

Author Edward A. Harrod
Number of pages 250 pages
Publishing company CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10 1987571584
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An author of this cryptocurrency book tells about Bitcoin and altcoins in simple and understandable language and also offers practical advice for novice investors.

This cryptocurrency book would be beneficial for newcomers to the digital currencies market and those who are interested in investment.

The author, Edward A. Harrod is an enthusiast and a communicator of the market of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. He has written over 10 books.

ICO: The Ultimate Guide To Investing In ICOs, ICO Investing, Initial Coin Offering, Cryptocurrency Investing, Investing In Cryptocurrency

Author Ikuya Takashima
Number of pages 118 pages
Publishing company CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10 198618210X
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An author of this book shares his own experience of investment in the ICO market and describes in detail a mechanism of Initial Coin Offering and teaches how to carry out project assessments; he also tells about the methodology of determining the viability and credibility of an investment project. This book is about how to make money on cryptocurrency.

The book will be attractive for new investors, who recognize the potential of the ICO market but experience some difficulties and concerns as they realize the complexities of choosing specific projects for investment.

The author, Ikuya Takashima is a software developer, an expert, a businessman, an investor and an enthusiast of the cryptomarket. He has extensive working experience at the cryptocurrency and ICO market.

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

Author Saifedean Ammous
Number of pages 304 pages
Publishing company Wiley
ISBN-10 1119473861
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The book highlights the history of Bitcoin, particularities of technology and takes a look at economic and political aspects of the emergence and the distribution of the first cryptocurrency. According to the author of this book, a decentralized future, where blockchain technologies will replace outdated institutions, is inevitable. In his words, central banks will be replaced by the financial system based on cryptocurrencies.

The author, Saifedean Ammous is a professor of the Lebanese American University, a lecturer of Economic courses at Udemy.

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

Author Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Number of pages 416 pages
Publishing company O'Reilly Media
ISBN-10 1491954388
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A book is about the first successful cryptocurrency Bitcoin. An author reveals the basis of its technology; describes scientific and software developments, used by developers; tells about particularities of the distributed ledger and cryptography; helps to understand strengths and weaknesses of digital currencies.

This book contains information necessary for the detailed study of Bitcoin: the structure of the decentralized system; information security of white papers; the implementation of the peer-to-peer technology; carrying out of transactions; examples of programming codes of applications.

The book will be interesting for investors, businessmen and ordinary users, who wish to understand in detail the working principle of Bitcoin. Technical specialists will be able to improve their knowledge in order to use it in their work.

The author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a well-known specialist in blockchain technologies. His expert knowledge is confirmed by advanced degrees and his involvement in number of high-tech companies as a developer, head and a technical consultant.

Blockchain Applications in Finance

Author Peter Borovykh
Volume 7463 KB
Publishing company BlockchainDriven
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A book is about the implementation of blockchain in the field of finance. An author describes opportunities, which are offered by the decentralized distributed ledger technology and tells about real cases of the implementation of his own ideas.

Peter Borovykh is a fintech consultant of the BlochainDriven agency, a specialist in the field of finance and an author of algorithm trade strategies.

If you think that some well-known books about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and ICO are lot mentioned in this article, please leave your comment. Tell us, why do you consider them useful, and we will include them into our cryptocurrency books review. We would like to collect the best books about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in this article.