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Onchainpay Starts a Crypto Recurring Payments Revolution

06 July 2023 13:53, UTC

Thanks to the Solution Developed by Onchainpay, You Are Now in the Driving Seat for Easy and Secure Crypto Recurring Payments.

The Long-Awaited Breakthrough

Only recently, it has been challenging for merchant businesses to accept recurring cryptocurrency payments. Now, thanks to Onchainpay’s innovative solution, merchants can quickly receive such payments in crypto.

Onchainpay is a leader in recurring crypto payment processing. The company recently released a Web3 platform known as Onchainpay.io; it allows users to set up recurring crypto payments for regular transactions, such as memberships or subscriptions. This product is an excellent find for various companies, including high-risk businesses, for example, adult content producers.

The Importance of Onchainpay’s Crypto Recurring Payment Solution

Onchainpay’s blockchain-based platform uses smart contract technology, providing a secure, fast, low-cost opportunity to set up recurring crypto payments. As a result, consumers can now arrange a crypto recurring payments scheme, which is more cost-effective than the fiat money model. Cryptocurrency is the best tool for borderless and fast transactions.

To start using Onchainpay.io, customers only need to have a crypto wallet to make recurring payments at the cost set by merchants. Popular options, such as Metamask and TronLink, are acceptable.

What Businesses Can Rely On Onchainpay.io?

This crypto recurring payments product fits various types of merchant businesses:

  • Payment platforms.

  • Ed-Tech and FinTech companies.

  • Adult content developers and other high-risk companies.

  • Info business venues.

  • Freelancers and bloggers.

Benefits Offered by Onchainpay.io

Let’s see what advantages Onchainpay.io can bring:

  • Zero setup/registration costs.

  • Low transaction fees compared to other payment methods.

  • Borderless crypto payments.

  • Instant crypto funds receipts.

  • More than 50 coins across 12 blockchains are available.

  • The built-in option to add tokens for merchants.

  • Most crypto wallets are accepted.


Onchainpay.io is a tempting solution for merchants and users regarding crypto payments for subscriptions and memberships. It offers the lowest transaction fees, which makes this crypto recurring payments platform a competition killer. Onchainpay.io is a fantastic tool for merchant businesses, from adult content producers to FinTech companies.

Visit Onchainpay’s official website to check out what benefits and opportunities the platform offers.


Contact email: ja@onchainpay.org