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NORDEK’s Launchpad PlutoPad Initiates StarNest's Private Sale

30 November 2023 14:40, UTC

Plutopad, the first launchpad built on the NORDEK Blockchain earlier today announced the private sale of StarNest. This innovative platform is an immersive interstellar-themed blockchain dApp that incorporates elements of virtual real estate, an NFT collection, staking, and token minting within a cosmic ecosystem.

Details of the Sale:

  • Start Date: 29 Nov

  • Start Time: 12 PM/6:30 AM

  • End Date: 1st Dec

  • End Time: 12 PM/6:30 AM

  • Total Sale: 2.5M tokens

  • Per SNT: $0.5 (40 $NRK)

  • Buy using $NRK

  • Minimum Buy Amount: 80K NRK

  • Maximum Buy Amount: 100M NRK

Visit here for a step-by-step demo guide on “How to take part in StarNest’s sale on Plutopad”: https://twitter.com/Plutopad_/status/1694686636284469574?

PlutoPad offers fast, efficient, and active support to launch blockchain projects to success. With marketing pushes, a robust funding ecosystem, integrations and collaborations, user acquisition outreach strategies, exclusive access to expert advisory, active support in developing a comprehensive infrastructure for token sales, informed research reports, and legal compliance assistance — PlutoPad supports development to deployment to delivery.

StarNest and Plutopad are part of the NORDEK Blockchain Ecosystem. NORDEK blockchain provides a developer-and-consumer-friendly blockchain environment for development. With its pioneering ecosystem, focus on innovative solutions, and rapid growth — StarNest could not have chosen a better blockchain to build on. With the first 2 million transactions on NORDEK being gasless, StarNest’s users get the direct benefit. Leveraging NORDEK’s capabilities, StarNest will enable celestial travel, access to the exclusive metaverse, lucrative staking, and more.

In the upcoming StarNest timeline, Phase 1 will initiate the conception of ideas, followed by the development of the MVP and the creative exploration of NFT designs. Progressing into Phase 2, the active development of the DApp will begin and a whitelist will open to welcome early adopters.

The project plans a few marketing campaigns, accompanied by exciting partnership announcements and strategic alliances with DEXs and blockchains. Advancing into Phase 3, the live deployment of NFT minting and staking features will be added, along with the launch of an affiliate program and the initiation of $SNT genesis minting.

StarNest also plans to achieve new milestones with a collaboration with a gaming studio, providing NFT holders access to multiple metaverses. The culmination will be marked by the grand unveiling of the StarNest metaverse, offering participants a unique and immersive experience.

Users can participate in the private sale of StarNest — which launched on 29th November and ends on 1st December 2023. The total sale is a whopping 2.5M tokens.

Please note that you can only participate in the sale using $NRK, and the minimum investment amount is $1000, which is equivalent to 80,000 NRK.

The sale is live: https://plutopad.com/projects/1701173415152

Know more at —

StarNest: https://www.starnest.io/
Plutopad: https://plutopad.com/