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500 NFT Genesis Boxes and $CATCH Totems Now Live in Wallets

22 August 2023 14:16, UTC

Just days after releasing the captivating $CATCH token airdrop, SpaceCatch announces that the 500 NFT Genesis Boxes and $CATCH Totems are now officially accessible within the wallets of those participating in the airdrop campaign.

Airdrops have witnessed a surge in the emergence of fresh projects. This technique has rapidly solidified its position as a favored strategy for community building, often demanding only a contribution of time from participants.

Distribution of 500 Genesis NFT Boxes and $CATCH Totems by SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch has taken the start by previously launching the highly anticipated $CATCH token airdrop to express appreciation for its devoted supporters. Now, SpaceCatch proudly announces the official distribution of 500 NFT Genesis Boxes and $CATCH Totems to the wallets of those supporters.

The Genesis Box NFT is the top choice for those who want to get the most from the airdrop rewards. This special box includes parts from the highly anticipated “Genesis Armor Set,” which is expected to be the most valuable collection in the game.

There were only 10,000 boxes made, and at the beginning, only 500 were available for sale. The rest of the 9,500 boxes will be released slowly over two years. This scarcity makes the first boxes even more appealing.

If you took part in the airdrop and can’t find the items in your OpenSea profile, you can locate them in the “hidden” section.

Also, SpaceCatch supporters are invited to trade these distinctive NFTs on OpenSea.

By providing the highly desired 500 NFT Genesis Boxes and $CATCH Totems, SpaceCatch is showing its strong dedication to building a lively and active community, focusing on being open and involving everyone.

What’s Next in the SpaceCatch World?

Soon, SpaceCatch will launch a series of detailed articles on their Medium account. These articles will provide thorough explorations of the game, NFTs, and tokens, offering valuable knowledge for curious supporters of SpaceCatch.

Also, keep an eye on the calendar as the highly anticipated $CATCH token pre-sale is coming in a matter of weeks. This intriguing opportunity will be presented through Tier 1 launchpads, offering early participants an advantageous pricing structure.

Anticipation is building for the introduction of a new website and an engaging trailer, set to spark imaginations and create a foundation for an immersive experience.

Moreover, the community spirit is alive and well, with various events where SpaceCatch’s fans can compete for exclusive OG NFTs. Look out for two upcoming events — Smashkarts League and Poker — both offering coveted OG NFTs—more details to come.

The next phase, including 1000 Genesis Box NFTs, is anticipated to arrive later this year. This unveiling is part of a comprehensive distribution plan over 1-2 years, with each pre-sale price consistently surpassing the previous one.

Lastly, celebrating an alpha-stage achievement, the SpaceCatch team is thrilled to share their pre-approval for $CATCH listing on T1 Exchanges (CEX), marking a significant stride towards expanded exposure and opportunities.

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is an exciting breakthrough mobile game that combines the familiarity of classic mobile gaming with cutting-edge blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

This game incorporates the exciting world of Augmented Reality (AR), similar to the popular Pokémon GO. This combination offers players a completely new gaming experience and the extended possibilities of blockchain.

In the SpaceCatch game, players can own in-game items as NFTs, thanks to this advanced technology. These virtual treasures can be traded for real money, rented out, or used in various ways, making the game even more engaging.

SpaceCatch has been in development for a year and is expected to launch fully by the end of the year. The game’s creators prioritize the “product first” approach, differentiating it from many other Metaverse projects.

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