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Zilliqa and WEYU Collaborate to Accelerate Web3 Adoption

21 July 2022 12:41, UTC
Anna Martynova

Zilliqa has integrated with the WEYU NFT platform. Through the partnership, Zilliqa will aim to serve users from both sides with easy access to an NFT-driven ecosystem. Both Zilliqa and WEYU benefit greatly from the integration.

Zilliqa is getting NFT source thanks to WEYU, and WEYU is generating more creators for the platform through a tool called YU Launch. YU Launch has been specifically designed to run on the Zilliqa blockchain. By joining forces, Zilliqa and WEYU will strive to provide creators and developers with the ability to create digital assets in minutes and absolutely free.

Many businesses are looking to Web3 as it is seen as opening a new chapter in accessing capabilities never seen before on the Internet. Zilliqa's integration with WEYU is a great example of how far brands can go in exploring the power of Web3 and adopting it more widely. The ultimate goal is to support the mass adoption with a plan to follow their strengths collectively.

Image: Zilliqa