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Vechain CEO In UFC Interview Reveals How VeChain Plans To Change The World

02 August 2022 14:38, UTC
Anna Martynova

Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, talked about how the popular blockchain project plans to use its technology to change the world. VeChain is already making a significant impact globally as its technology has been deployed across various sectors, including supply chain, carbon management, decentralized finance (DeFi), and more, according to Lu.

Sunny Lu noted that VeChain will create an incentive ecosystem in San Marino. This will result in San Marino residents being rewarded with tokens for maintaining a positive attitude towards the environment. Tokens can be exchanged for fiat and used to buy goods and services. In the future, VeChain plans to roll out its carbon storage technology. The carbon market is expected to become more efficient in the coming years. VeChain will also focus on recycling plastic from the hydrosphere. This will be possible through the use of VeChain technology. This technology will also contribute to the transformation of plastic into new products.

VeChain plans to use its technology to help companies increase brand engagement with customers. Companies will be allowed to use VeChain technology so that their customers can choose products that suit their shopping habits. In addition, VeChain will also eliminate fraudulent activity in luxury secondary markets through the use of embedded NFC chips. Through this initiative, resale fraud will be prevented, ensuring the safety of buyers.

Image: Crypto-sous