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R3 blockchain consortium may open office in Russia

19 July 2017 21:00, UTC

RNS informs that the international R3 blockchain consortium considers a possibility to open its office in Moscow on Qiwi Blockchain Technologies basis, a Qiwi subsidiary.

This possibility was reported after the official visit of R3 representatives in Moscow on July 18–19, 2017. They held meetings with Qiwi, FinTech Association and some other financial institutions.

The R3 office in Moscow, which is planned to be opened until late autumn 2017, will have 10 employees and its main functions will be cooperation Russian financial institutions, administration of joint projects with participants from Russia and the Eastern Europe, integration of own blockchain platform Corda in Russia.

Also in autumn 2017 R3 plans to launch a hackathon for Corda projects and applications development (together with Qiwi and FinTech), and training programs on blockchain and Corda in co-operation with Qiwi. A separate Corda training course is planned to be launched for business leaders and developers on the basis of the Blockchain Academy. Its creation was earlier announced by Qiwi CEO Sergey Soloninand the computer technology school Scream School.