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Lime and Salesforce Do Not Currently Use Helium Technology

02 August 2022 13:25, UTC
Anna Martynova

Tech media outlets Mashable and The Verge reported that Lime and Salesforce did not use the Helium technology despite their logos hanging on the Helium website for years. Lime told Mashable that it did a brief initial test with Helium in the summer of 2019, but has not been in contact with Helium since. A Salesforce spokesperson told The Verge that Helium is not a partner with the company.

Lime is best known for offering electric scooters and bikes for rent through a smartphone app. According to Mashable, Helium has been claiming for years that Lime uses its technology for geolocation. But a Lime spokesperson told Mashable that the company had no contact with Helium after a brief initial test in the summer of 2019. Lime also asked Helium not to use their name in promotional materials, adding that it could be the subject of legal action.

In a follow-up article published later Friday, The Verge separately reported that Salesforce also does not use Helium technology. A Salesforce spokesperson told The Verge that Helium is not a Salesforce partner and that the logo image is not true. Right now, the Helium website still displays a list of 12 different organization logos, but Lime or Salesforce are no longer listed as clients.

Image: Blockzeit