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IBM Filed Patent For Blockchain Web Browser

12 August 2019 13:49, UTC
The American technology corporation IBM has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a patent for a blockchain-enabled web browser.

According to the application, IBM has expressed plans to register a patent for a system that stores web browser events on the blockchain. The browser described in the filing collects information during web browsing sessions and transfers it to peers in the p2p network for an on-chain storage.

The data that can be stored in this way include the websites visited, bookmarks, search terms, cookies, geolocation, and browser security patch records. The application also states the following:
“The present invention affords a system for storing browsing information such that privacy is preserved and places privacy in the ‘hands of a user’ rather than a third party. ”
Earlier this month, IBM and the blockchain company Chainyard launched a new supply chain management network. It is also worth recalling that Brave and Opera reached some serious milestones in the application of blockchain in web browsers.

Image courtesy of Blockchain Journal