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Epic Won't Ban NFT Games In Response to Minecraft's Stance

22 July 2022 12:46, UTC
Anna Martynova

Earlier, Minecraft developers announced that they do not plan to add NFT and blockchain support to their game. However, the Epic Games Store has no plans to take a similar one-sided approach to NFTs in games, according to new comments from the firm's CEO.

Yesterday, a Twitter user asked Epic Games CEO Tim SWEENEY to follow Minecraft's lead. To which Tim Sweeney replied that developers have the right to decide how to create their games, and users should decide whether to play them or not. Sweeney also noted that stores and operating system vendors should not interfere by imposing their opinions on others.

Note that Epic Games is one of the most influential companies in the gaming industry, behind the popular game Fortnite, as well as the creator of the software for creating Unreal Engine, which is widely used in the gaming and other entertainment industries. The Epic Games Store already has a number of NFT-based video games. The battle royale game Grit by Gala Games is available in the store and was the first NFT game available on the Epic platform.

Image: Global Esport News