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With AltSignals’ Presale Reaching $1.0M, How Will This Promising AI Crypto Fare in 2023?

29 June 2023 10:30, UTC

Cryptocurrency markets are renowned for welcoming pioneering new projects with open arms. The latest to make waves among crypto investors is AltSignals. Its ASI presale event has already raised $1.0M.

A long established player in disseminating high quality trading signals, AltSignals’ ASI token will support the development of a brand new and innovative trading stack, ActualizeAI. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technologies, AltSignals has the potential to become one of the best AI crypto investments of 2023.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals launched in 2017 and has established itself as a leading provider of trading signals across an array of markets. Alongside daily crypto trades, AltSignals covers CFD, forex, Binance Futures, and traditional share trading. With an excellent average 4.9/5 star rating on Trustpilot and 50,000 existing members, everything’s in place for AltSignals to become one of this year’s best AI crypto investments.

AltSignals currently utilizes its market-leading AltAlgo™ trading indicator tool to supply its community with trading signals. These highly accurate signals have an average success rate of 64%. To take this capability to the next level, AltSignals is developing a brand new AI-powered trading stack, ActualizeAI, to increase its win rate to an unprecedented level of 80%+.

To support this development, AltSignals has launched the presale of its ASI token, demonstrating the team’s commitment to becoming a standard bearer for AI adoption within the Web3 arena and a top AI crypto project in its own right. The results could provide spectacular profits for the platform’s growing community of members over the next few years.

How does ASI work?

The ASI token delivers much more than a simple digital asset into a holder’s virtual wallet. Token holders that buy at least 50,000 tokens are eligible to access AltAlgo™ immediately and get lifetime access to ActualizeAI’s supercharged outputs once the tool launches.

All ASI token holders gain full governance voting rights over community-led initiatives to determine the platform’s future strategic direction. As well as empowering the AltSignals community to develop the trading platform of their dreams, the ASI token also unlocks outstanding deflationary tokenomics that will aid ASI’s value appreciation over time.

ASI token holders also have the opportunity to join the exclusive AI Members Club, gaining access to a range of benefits and unique features. These include the ability to enter lucrative online trading tournaments, early access to the most exciting new private presale events, and the chance to direct the development of new features through beta testing, with ASI rewards on offer for each piece of feedback delivered to the development team.

Why are AI cryptos such exciting investments?

AI-powered cryptos are gaining plenty of traction thanks to AI’s enormous advantages and power to allow projects to innovate. The vast potential of AI to enhance the crypto ecosystem will enable developers and project teams to explore what was previously unobtainable simply by harnessing the enormous capability of cutting-edge AI technologies.

AI allows platforms to process and analyze big data volumes at incredible speeds while autonomously identifying market trends, patterns, and correlations that humans may miss. AI can also help minimize risk and errors. When applying predefined rules, it can monitor market indicators, improve risk management, and balance the risk/reward ratio, which is crucial in the trading signals marketplace.

In addition, the underlying nature of AI technologies provides ample space and potential for self-improvement and continuous learning. As more data becomes available and AI tech improves, the quality of outputs and autonomous learning will grow, once again providing rich benefits to the crypto trading community.

How high can ASI go?

AltSignals is unlike many other early AI crypto projects due to having the backing of an existing, well-established online platform and a vast existing captive audience of more than 50,000 members. Combined with the exciting momentum ASI has gained during its presale, investors are scrambling to get involved in this project even before the AI capability goes live.

Currently available at $0.015 during stage 1 of the presale event, ASI will increase through each of the five presale stages to an eventual $0.02274, aiming to raise $12.15 million. Analysts are now beginning to assess the potential of ASI once it goes live. Experts predict that ASI could reach $0.30 by the end of the year before moving on to bigger things in 2024.

Is ASI a good investment?

ASI looks like an excellent investment opportunity in 2023. It has solid fundamentals, the strong backing of a well-trusted existing platform, and an existing audience that continues to grow significantly.

The additional real-world adoption of AI technologies gives ASI the potential to go into orbit as a wider audience becomes aware of the rich opportunities AltSignals will provide for even more profitable trading decisions.

As ASI delivers tremendous promise as one of the best AI crypto platforms currently in development, interested parties should invest today to reap full dividends of the low entry point and avoid FOMO on one of the most exciting crypto projects available.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.