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Swipe, Play, Earn – How Metacade is Paving the Way for Crypto Gaming Growth

30 November 2023 14:43, UTC
  • Metacade will go live with its mainnet launch soon.

  • The crypto gaming and blockchain games platform’s most recent developments are headlined by its Staking v2 and partnerships with Transak and Polygon.

  • MCADE holders anticipate high price potential for 2023 and onwards.

Metacade, the world’s first and only community-led play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming platform, is laying down the infrastructure for the upcoming GameFi boom. The fast-growing protocol will debut its mainnet shortly, opening the door to many exciting developments.

The string of developments, headlined by Metacade launching Staking v2 and a fresh partnership with Polygon, is expected to open new investment streams for its native MCADE token.

Read on to discover why Metacade is among the strong contenders to do a 50x or more moving into the next bull run.

Metacade to launch mainnet after successful $16.4M ICO

Metacade isn’t resting on its laurels after raising $16.4 million during its April 2023 presale launch. The crypto gaming platform is working flat out, boasting partnerships with top-tier gaming studios and its robust developer base.

Its mainnet will launch soon, and the first exclusive games developed with partner MetaStudio have gone live. The blockchain games development company has collaborated with Metacade since helping launch the Rune Realms game and NFT release.

The mainnet launch coincides roughly with the games launched on the newly renovated platform, allowing extended collaboration on different blockchain networks. The launch coincided with their enhanced partnership with Phenoms, a public relations agency that will have micro-influencers promote the crypto gaming platform to new audiences.

Metacade listing and Staking v2 inspires bullish sentiment

The momentum doesn’t end there. Metacade recently celebrated the launch of its MCADE token on the global crypto exchange Bitget last September. The move was well-received by MCADE holders in light of the protocol’s expected strong finish to 2023.

Bitget is an established crypto exchange boasting over 20 million users and almost half a billion dollars in spot trading volume. The listing will expand the reach of MCADE to a massive audience of new investors and traders worldwide.

One of the hottest developments for Metacade is the launch of its Staking v2 pool. The crypto gaming protocol’s staking pool has over 413 million MCADE tokens, well within Metacade’s targets, indicating intense buy pressure. The Metacade Staking v2 protocol will last for six months. The subscription numbers are a remarkable testament to the interest that Metacade has drummed up ever since its presale launch. Staked MCADE tokens will offer an impressive 25% return, giving stakers significantly more bang for their investment buck.

But yet another aspect driving Metacade’s resurgence into the new year is its partnerships with Polygon and Transak, which can be game-changing for the crypto gaming platform moving forward.

Polygon and Transak partnerships unlock more MCADE value

In October, Metacade announced its partnership with Polygon Labs, further expanding the crypto gaming platform’s exposure within the Polygon ecosystem. The association supports existing synergies between Metacade and Polygon (MATIC). Given the established status of Polygon within the blockchain games and P2E industry, the move is expected to drive increased interest in MCADE.

Metacade’s partnership with Transak, a fiat on and off-ramp developer, is yet another win for the crypto gaming project. Transak allows potential investors to buy MCADE tokens on the official Metacade website with zero card fees. The development will further boost exposure for MCADE and solidify its status as an attractive long-term investment in the GameFi sector.

Metacade community is thrilled with the abundance of earning opportunity

Metacade is home to one of the largest blockchain gaming communities, whose growth is underpinned by its frequent AMA sessions involving the team, developers, and investors. The AMA sessions provide a forum where anyone can ask questions and raise concerns about the crypto gaming platform. The protocol’s focus on open communication with stakeholders has boosted trust ratings for Metacade.

Ultimately, the community-centric focus is aligned with Metacade’s aspirations to become a fully community-run ecosystem. Currently, there are plans for Metacade to move to a decentralized autonomous organization setup, where the most dedicated community members can drive the direction of the protocol.

The revenue streams Metacade generates have raised interest in MCADE tokens in Q4 2023. Paid ads and job search listings for Web3 companies will appear on Metacade, as well as contests and giveaways for prize draws, tournaments, and pay-to-play arcade games.

Likewise, Metacade users get various passive income opportunities through play-to-earn, create-to-earn, and compete-to-earn capabilities. In addition, a work-to-earn feature will be launched in 2024, with various Web3 job opportunities available to Metacade users.

Is Metacade still a good investment in 2023?

All these developments for the crypto gaming platform considered—headlined by the Metacade mainnet launch — give crypto observers reason to believe that MCADE could be poised for a massive price run ahead of the expected 2025 bull market. The mainnet launch, opening up a world of new products, services, and developments for Metacade, can solidify its potential to make a massive 50x run as the bull market progresses onward and upward.

MCADE is available on major exchanges such as Uniswap, BitMart, and Bitget, with new listings expected soon. Months after its successful presale launch, Metacade still offers plenty of untapped profit potential for investors looking to capitalize on the GameFi boom.

About Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is the premier crypto gaming community hub that connects players and dev teams to promote collaboration, financial incentives, gigs, and community all under one roof. The protocol aims to grow into the top GameFi platform, empowering all stakeholders and providing unparalleled advantages and growth and collaboration opportunities to all within the Metacade ecosystem.

To invest in Metacade (MCADE), visit the official website.