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Finblox Hits Major Exchanges as Chancer Presale Begins. Which Is the Better Investment?

15 June 2023 11:29, UTC

As the world of cryptocurrency continues its relentless expansion, two fresh projects, Finblox and Chancer, find themselves in the spotlight. With Finblox launching on major exchanges and the start of the eagerly awaited Chancer presale, the investment potential of both is a topic of heated debate.

Each project carries its distinct value propositions, yet the investor community is still figuring out: Which of these promises a better return on investment? An in-depth exploration of these ventures and a careful examination of their pros and cons might hold the answer to this pressing question — with both novice and veteran investors understanding that knowledge of both projects is crucial in guiding their investment choices in these two new crypto assets.

What is Chancer?

Chancer has emerged as an innovative new project that is looking to shake things up with its novel use of Web3 technology, with the eagerly awaited Chancer presale currently moving forward into stage 1. The project’s objective is a game-changer; it aims to redefine the gambling industry through its distinctive peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform that puts control back in the hands of its users.

By harnessing the strength and openness of blockchain technology, Chancer effectively removes the necessity for the conventional ’house’ structure, as it facilitates users to place bets directly against each other, fostering a dynamic and thrilling betting environment suitable for all types of betting enthusiasts.

Built on a decentralized structure, Chancer enables users to get started straight away, and central to the Chancer ecosystem is the utility token CHANCER, which is critical to the functioning of the platform. CHANCER is used for placing and settling bets, enhancing its pivotal role and application and as a result, as Chancer expands its user base, the demand for CHANCER looks set to escalate quickly.

How does CHANCER work?

Breaking new ground in the industry, Chancer’s native utility token, CHANCER, is the driving force behind its innovative P2P betting model. Users utilize CHANCER to create their own prediction markets, determine their odds, and payout winnings.

To further incentivize token holders, Chancer offers a Share2Earn scheme. This approach encourages users to promote their markets, which leads to an increase in the number of participants and, in turn, boosts their rewards for creating the market.

The platform’s flexibility doesn’t end there, though — token holders can even stake their CHANCER tokens to ensure adequate liquidity for seamless trading. Chancer also rewards frequent users with discounted fees for market creation and participation, making the platform more cost-effective.

CHANCER price prediction

With so many positives associated with the project’s design, and Chancer shaking up the massive gambling market with its innovative approach, the spotlight is firmly fixed on the potential trajectory of its native CHANCER token.

With CHANCER tokens going for just $0.021 in the final stage of the presale, many analysts are buzzing about the possible rapid price ascent post-launch — and once users start engaging with the platform following the Mainnet rollout in Q1 2024, we could be looking at the CHANCER token quickly moving past the $0.50 mark towards the coveted $1 milestone.

What is Finblox?

Finblox aims to revolutionize the digital asset ecosystem by creating a new crypto super-app that enables users to accrue crypto wealth in a secure, straightforward, and engaging way. The platform incorporates gamified features and provides a variety of services, including prediction markets, prize pool drawings, yield generation, trading, a launchpad, a peer-to-peer marketplace, a debit card, and multi-chain layer-1 protocol capabilities.

Powered by the Finblox (FBX) token, users can earn rewards by actively participating in the ecosystem, and Finblox has developed a crypto earnings program where users earn daily compounded rewards on eligible digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Polygon, Near, Solana, and many others.

The FBX token serves as a governance and utility token within the Finblox ecosystem, offering various utilities like earning bonus rewards, subsidized trading fees, special access to projects, crypto credit card memberships, increased odds within specific features, and voting power.

FBX price prediction

Finblox targets two main user groups: those new to crypto seeking reliable access to crypto wealth-building options, and more advanced crypto users desiring a quick, uncomplicated platform to access their crypto assets. This presents some challenges to the project, however, because both user groups have a wide range of existing options to choose from.

This is likely one of the reasons for the continual fall in the price of FBX since its listing — the price is already down 60% from its all-time high. This means that if the token can hold its price of $0.003 for the next six months, most FBX holders will see that as a win.

CHANCER vs. FBX: Which project offers the best investment potential?

There’s no doubt that while Finblox is an interesting use of blockchain technology, it’s Chancer that most analysts believe offers the most upside for those investors looking to generate the biggest returns from their crypto portfolios.
You can take part in the CHANCER presale here.