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Don't Miss Metacade — Unrivaled Web3 Leader Ranks as the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

01 December 2023 17:35, UTC
  • Metacade announces the launch of its mainnet

  • The Web3 crypto gaming platform launching Metacade Staking v2 amid growing retail interest

  • MCADE is gaining momentum as one of the top cryptos in the GameFi sector

Metacade (MCADE), the premier Web3 crypto gaming and play-to-earn platform, is riding a wave of momentum as 2023 ends. The community-led GameFi platform recently announced its mainnet launch, staking its claim as the best cryptocurrency to buy now in the crypto gaming sector.

The list of bullish developments includes Metacade Staking v2, as well as partnerships with Polygon (MATIC) and Transak, which should generate buzz and upward price potential for its native MCADE token.

Consequently, many crypto observers rate the crypto gaming platform as the best cryptocurrency for prospective investors looking to diversify into the lucrative GameFi sector. Here’s why.

Metacade going mainnet after raising $16.4M in MCADE ICO

Metacade first made waves in Web3 after raising $16.4 million during its ICO last April. The community-based GameFi platform has since concentrated on laying down the foundations of its infrastructure, building its developer and user base, and forging partnerships with top-tier game studios.

The latest update from Metacade is its mainnet launch, which will herald the release of the first games protocol developed with MetaStudio. Previously, Metacade and MetaStudio collaborated on the Rune Realms NFT and game release. The GameFi protocol is expected to announce more partnerships with game studios as it debuts new titles for Metacade users to enjoy.

This development comes from the crypto gaming platform’s MCADE token listing on global exchange Bitget in September 2023, further driving buy pressure for the tokens in 2023 and beyond for a new audience of international traders.

Much-awaited Metacade Staking v2 launches

Metacade has recently made waves after launching its MCADE v2 staking pool. The staking pool drew 413 million MCADE tokens, underscoring the massive interest behind the proposal. The Metacade Staking v2 pool will run for six months, where MCADE stakers can earn up to 25% in returns. The high subscription rate indicates the momentum and interest the Web3 GameFi protocol has generated since its launch in April 2023.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building a community-owned crypto gaming platform where gamers, devs, and crypto enthusiasts collaborate and gain earning opportunities in GameFi. For instance, Metacade is home to various passive income strategies using play-to-earn (P2E), create-to-earn (C2E), and other similar crypto gaming opportunities.

Besides offering contests, work-to-earn features, compete-to-earn opportunities, and tournaments, the Metacade protocol will support paid ads and Web3 job search listings for users to peruse.

Metacade is already delivering on its initial hype, hosting exciting new game titles such as Ember Sword and exciting new multiplayer FPS game, Arsenal.

Metacade community members can earn MCADE tokens by collaborating with game developers, publishing reviews, and providing feedback. The Web3 gaming platform has also offered grants for aspiring game developers to publish titles from the broader community. Metacade’s focus on building a solid community is underpinned by its frequent interactions and AMA sessions between the dev team and users—with the ultimate goal of transitioning towards a decentralized autonomous organization model.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade features a globally-encompassing P2E model underpinning its ecosystem. For instance, users can earn by playing play-to-earn titles and get rewarded for progressing through levels and achieving game objectives.

Compete-to-earn, on the other hand, allows users to join gaming competitions using MCADE tokens and win prizes. Create-to-earn incentivizes users dedicated to helping build community engagement, such as assisting other users and posting online content about the platform.

In 2024, Metacade plans to launch another earning opportunity with its work-to-earn program, where companies can post job opportunities in Web3 exclusively chosen for Metacade users. All these initiatives drive Metacade’s growth as the leading blockchain gaming protocol, making MCADE an attractive option for investors interested in gaining exposure to the lucrative GameFi sector.

What makes Metacade a leading candidate for the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023?

The GameFi space expects to grow from $9 billion in 2021 to $90 billion in 2031, making it among the hottest growth sectors in crypto. No other GameFi project is as ambitious or all-encompassing as Metacade. Due to their current price of $0.007 per token, MCADE tokens are an attractive investment opportunity.

Moreover, MCADE’s availability on major crypto exchanges, such as Uniswap and Bitget, gives it serious growth potential as interest in GameFi increases. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios into blockchain gaming may find MCADE the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023.

Few opportunities in GameFi combine the upward price potential, increasing traction, and abundant earning opportunities available on Metacade, making it among the best investment opportunities ahead of the likely upcoming bull market.

To learn more about investing in Metacade, visit the official website.