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Cashing In on Milady ― Could AltSignals Leverage Meme Coin Success in 2023?

21 June 2023 10:00, UTC


Crypto enthusiasts are taking notice of AltSignals as the market prepares for a market cap surge. The presale of its ASI token is gaining traction, drawing comparisons with other top cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, buzzworthy internet meme tokens are attracting attention with their trend-setting and community appeal. While AltSignals is not a meme coin, ASI’s unique attributes and high utility capture the attention of savvy investors seeking to diversify their portfolios for the most significant returns.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has carved a niche for itself as a go-to source for trading signals in various markets, with its claim to fame laying in the AltAlgo™ product, known for an impressive 64% average signal accuracy. The trust of over 50,000 users and an excellent 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating add to its credentials. AltSignals’ commitment to innovation is evident in its latest endeavor — launching its ASI token presale to fund the integration of groundbreaking AI technologies, culminating in ActualizeAI, a new product ready to take trading signals to the next level.

How do ASI tokens work?

Purchasing ASI tokens is not just an investment; it’s a passport to a suite of AI-driven capabilities. Investors are keen on not only the financial prospects but also the array of benefits that come with ASI, as by holding ASI tokens, investors get exclusive access to the AI Members Club, and those investing in 50,000 or more tokens also get complimentary access to AltAlgo™. The cherry on top is a lifetime membership to ActualizeAI, slated for a 2023 launch. ASI token holders will even be able to vote on governance issues on the AltSignals platform, influencing ActualizeAI’s evolution.

ASI price prediction: Where is the ceiling for ASI?

The buzz around ASI’s presale is electrifying as its value moves from its current price of $0.015 price to $0.02274 in the last presale stage. A presale represents an immense opportunity for early investors to secure tokens at highly discounted prices ahead of the surge of buying demand when it hits the leading exchanges, traders realize the potential, and the market cap rises exponentially.

Integrating AI technology is a cornerstone of ActualizeAI’s appeal, as it’s expected to bring an unparalleled accuracy of 80%+ to trading signals. This should drive ASI’s value even higher post-presale, possibly reaching $0.40 in 2023. By helping traders stay ahead of market trends with the help of AI’s natural language processing (NLP) and advanced analytics, ASI is setting itself apart as an investment with substance behind the hype.

What is Milady?

Milady is a crypto project responsible for the token LADYS, a meme cryptocurrency associated with the Milady NFT collection. Positioned as more than just another meme coin, LADYS aims to function as a self-organized currency that rewards attributes like karma, charm, and beauty while acting as an accumulation point for internet clout.

The token can be traded on various platforms, such as OKX Dex, Bybit, Gate, Huobi, Bitget, MEXC, and Kucoin. It is available in different token standards, including ERC20 and ARB. The token has a total supply of 88,888,000,888, with 94% burnt. The contract was renounced, with the remaining 5% secured in a multi-signature wallet, earmarked for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools.

Milady price prediction

With some awful price action since the token’s launch, holders of LADYS will be hoping they can stand firm at $0.000000024 for a while ahead of a possible future climb. Unfortunately, as the project clearly states, it has limited utility and is unlikely to produce significant returns for its investors.

Is ASI a good investment?

When deciding between ASI and LADYS, ASI stands out as a more intelligent choice for investors. AltSignals will benefit from using advanced AI technologies, known to be game-changers in many fields, which means ASI has a strong foundation for growth. ASI is tied to a service that helps traders and has a solid community backing it, whereas the lack of meaningful utility for LADYS means it doesn’t have the same strong base as ASI. Meme coins are also known to be risky and can fall flat. ASI is the better option for someone looking for a reliable and innovative investment.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.