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Bitcoin Dogs, the First BRC-20 ICO, Raises $3M in Week One

22 February 2024 14:59, UTC

Bitcoin Dogs has gone absolutely ballistic thanks to claiming the spot for the OG crypto presale on the Bitcoin blockchain. The project has already pulled in a staggering $3M in its debut week alone, and at this rate, it will give Barbie a run for its money.

Degens are buzzing, predicting massive returns for early investors who can secure their 0DOG tokens for the highly discounted price of $0.0198. Forecasts are based on its innovative use of the BRC-20 token and the security and recognition of the Bitcoin network, because if there is anything we love, it is that glorious mix of tech innovation, fun, and being part of a crypto feeding frenzy

Nostalgia meets innovation

The project will also be delivering a game that’s evidently designed to be pure addiction and is available only to 0DOG token holders — another incentive for people to buy. If Bitcoin Dogs can jump on the current trend in the GameFi sector (everything is up at the moment), this could bode very well for the project’s success.

Bitcoin Dogs’ game design is nostalgic, and we can’t wait to mess around on it. Call it voluntary addiction. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia — and if you can tie it up with crypto and a load of PvP fun it’s a real winner. Axie Infinity, eat your heart out.

Then there is this whole NFT side to the project. Whilst some people would like to see the back of NFTs (bought high, sold low, did you?) no one can deny the sheer madness that ensued with the last trend. This project has a pretty bold ambition to reinvigorate the whole market, throw ERC-20 out in favor of BRC-20, and make quite a few people mad rich. And no doubt a few more, who will wish they’d bought one of the Bitcoin Dogs 10,000 strong collection. We personally like the sausage dog.

On-chain assets, off-chain smoothness

Bitcoin gaming is a bit of a minefield. Anyone who knows about devs working on this stuff will know that it’s definitely in its nascent phase, but there is at the same time a massive opportunity here to ride 2024’s hugely bullish sentiment around Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Dogs does this by taking the pressure off of Bitcoin itself by cleverly mixing off and on-chain activities, i.e., if it means you will be paying ridiculous gas, it will run on a suitable layer-2 (this has been planned for as per the whitepaper, with the initial focus on Base, Polygon and zkSync).

The developers will also be keeping NFT assets on-chain, ensuring ownership and transaction are secure and immutable, and simultaneously, off-chain activities like breeding, competing, and social interactions guarantee a smooth, fast-paced experience free from the typical blockchain slowdowns. This smart division maximizes the advantages of blockchain technology while providing a seamless gaming experience, setting Bitcoin Dogs apart in the GameFi landscape.

Bitcoin Dogs’ place in the GameFi surge

The GameFi sector is projected to see massive growth, hitting $90 billion by 2031, with increasing interest from gamers and investors drawn to the blend of gaming and finance. Bitcoin Dogs is waltzing in with something fresh and new that could easily steal the thunder from boring old projects like Axie Infinity — browsing the project’s telegram community is evidence enough of the appetite for this from both investors and the hardcore gaming community, who are, if anything, opinionated.

The project’s refreshing whitepaper and fun yet serious approach to trialing new technologies position it remarkably well to capture both the 2024 Bitcoin zeitgeist while simultaneously making it that shiny new thing everyone wants to have. You don’t see $3M raised too often, so fair play to the people behind this one. One obvious comparison would be with Bitcoin Cats, which saw degens pouring in $106M back in December. If that success can be replicated, Bitcoin Dogs investors could end up clapping their erm, paws, with joy.

Why Bitcoin Dogs could lead the pack

Bitcoin Dogs’ use of the Bitcoin network will certainly drive a heck of a lot of interest, and combined with a fresh new approach to NFTs and a game design that will appeal to a huge audience, this project is one we’ll be watching closely.

Bitcoin Dogs is absolutely leading the way when it comes to trying new things, embracing new technology but staying true to its roots (the BTC love is strong with this one). With $3M raised and counting, the project is tipped for big things ahead of the 2024 bull run.

Get in on the 0DOG token now for just $0.0198.

Click here to visit the Bitcoin Dogs website and purchase 0DOG.