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The Advantages Of Playing Live Games At A Crypto Casino

17 April 2023 14:49, UTC

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in using cryptocurrency, with many businesses quickly adopting them as digital payment. Due to the increasing popularity, even online casinos were quick to capitalize on this innovative digital currency, giving rise to a new breed of casinos: crypto casinos.

In this article, we will explore how crypto casinos differ from other online casinos, the trend around crypto casino gaming, the benefits to the players, and much more. Read until the end to learn more about the factors you should consider when playing live games at a crypto casino.

How Is a Crypto Casino Different?

Unlike traditional online casinos that allow players to bet and play live casino games by depositing fiat currency, a crypto casino has a different yet innovative business model.

Crypto casinos are online casinos that have realized the potential of incorporating cryptocurrency into their business model. Instead of depositing fiat currency, players can deposit cryptocurrency into the casino's account to bet and play live crypto casino games. When they're done playing, players can withdraw their winnings in the form of cryptocurrency.

What this means is that these casinos provide players with the advantages associated with using cryptocurrency. In the later sections of this post, we will explore the different benefits using cryptocurrencies offer crypto casino players.

The Trend of Playing Live Games at Crypto Casinos

During the mid-2010s, there was a growing trend around cryptocurrencies, with many people talking about their numerous benefits over traditional banking. As the trend started rippling through many industries, it also affected the online gaming industry.

In July 2013, Erik Voorhees announced that SatoshiDice, a Bitcoin-based gambling website, sold for the equivalent of 126,315 BTC. This acquisition demonstrated that there is a rising interest in using crypto for online gaming.

Since then, several crypto casinos have opened their doors, allowing gamers to participate in live casino gaming while using crypto. Today, dozens of online crypto casinos offer unique games and bonuses to entice new players from around the world to sign up.

Advantages of Playing Live Games at a Crypto Casino

Crypto casinos use cryptocurrencies which means players can enjoy all the benefits associated with using cryptocurrencies, including the following.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals Allow for More Immersion

When utilizing typical fiat currencies, transactions can take several days to process. On the other hand, transactions involving bitcoins are nearly instantaneously processed. This translates to players being able to rapidly deposit and withdraw funds without waiting for an extended time, allowing for a more immersive gambling experience.

Safer Transactions Eliminate the Fear of Safety

The transactions that take place at crypto casinos are safer than those that take place at typical online casinos due to blockchain. As a result, players do not need to worry about the safety of their funds since there is an extra layer of security when making transactions.

Anonymity Gives Players the Confidence to Bet

Playing live games at a crypto casino gives players the benefit of remaining anonymous throughout their sessions. Unlike traditional online casinos, crypto casinos do not require players to provide personal information. This allows users to keep their identities a secret while playing and making financial transactions.

Lower House Edge Allows for Greater Chances of Winning

Due to cheaper running costs, crypto casinos may provide players with lower house edges, allowing them to increase their odds of winning. The casino's take, or "house edge," is the percentage of wagers that goes toward generating revenue. A lower house edge means a greater chance of winning for the player.

Live Gaming Experience from Anywhere in the World

Participating in live dealer games offered by crypto casinos provides an immersive gaming experience comparable to a typical land-based casino. Broadcasted in real-time from a casino studio, live games allow players to communicate with the dealer and each other during the live broadcast.

Players can enjoy social interactions with others and also have the excitement of playing live casino games from the comfort of their own homes.

Provably Fair Games Removes Skepticisms Around Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos employ a system known as provably fair, a technology-based algorithm that prevents online casinos from cheating their customers.

The algorithms ensure the integrity of every game, assuring the participants an equal opportunity to win. It eliminates the skepticism around crypto casinos of rigged systems, allowing players to join them without worrying about getting cheated.

Bonuses and Rewards May Increase in Value

The allure behind cryptocurrencies is their higher volatility. Investors and young traders are betting on certain cryptocurrencies in the hopes that they become lucky and make big money on their digital assets. The same is true for crypto casinos.

When a crypto casino gives out bonuses and rewards, they are in the form of cryptocurrencies. Players can play for these bonuses and rewards, and if the cryptocurrency increases in value, they earn more money.

It Provides Players with Global Access

Crypto casinos democratize online gambling as cryptocurrency increases accessibility, allowing people from all over the world to join the crypto casino despite restrictions in their region.

Some countries have banking restrictions that prevent players from joining online casinos, but with crypto casinos, players don't need to worry about that.

Factors to Consider When Playing Live Games at a Crypto Casino

Similar to traditional online casinos, crypto casinos also have some risks. There are two crucial factors you should consider before playing live games at a crypto casino, including the following.

The Cryptocurrency Volatility Goes Both Ways

When we discussed earlier the potential of making more earnings with bonuses due to rising cryptocurrency volatility, it is essential to remember that the volatility goes both ways. A cryptocurrency price can experience wild swings in a short period of time, and you can potentially face losses if the price dips.

It Can Get Highly Addictive

Although the idea of winning a lot of money can be enticing for everyone, it is even more so when the mode of payment is cryptocurrency. The excitement from winning and the depression and rage from losing can take an emotional toll on players.

Players need to know that gambling is addictive, and they must have a system in place that helps prevent them from getting addicted. Setting time limits, having a budget, and learning strategies can help control the addiction associated with online gambling.

Gamble Responsibly, as It's All About Having Fun

When playing live games at a crypto casino, it is important to gamble responsibly and make smart bets. Winning and losing are part of any game, and if you're going to chase your losses, you'll end up digging a deeper trench for yourself.

Walk away if you're losing and come back another day with a fresh mindset and a new attitude. Take it easy and have fun!