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Has Online Gaming Seen the Crypto Bubble Burst?

21 June 2023 15:40, UTC

The convergence of online gaming and cryptocurrencies created a remarkable phenomenon that captivated both gamers and investors alike. In recent years, the cryptocurrency market experienced a speculative frenzy, commonly referred to as the crypto bubble.

Cryptocurrency is widely used in the world of online gaming, and inherently the iGaming sector. There are several online casino sites, that offer virtual currencies as payment methods. Some specialize in one cryptocurrency while others cover a few.

The burst of the crypto bubble may have impacted the world of gaming, but a new tide is rising which means the value of cryptocurrencies is going to rise again in the coming years. The crypto bubble burst may have been predicted by some sectors in the world of gaming. Even if it wasn’t, the world of online gaming will adapt to the changes.

The Rise of Cryptocurrencies in Online Gaming

Cryptocurrencies initially gained popularity within the online gaming ecosystem due to their potential for secure transactions, decentralization, and the creation of unique in-game assets. Blockchain technology facilitated the development of non-fungible tokens that allowed players to own and trade digital items, enhancing the gaming experience. Moreover, some platforms even rewarded gamers with cryptocurrencies for their achievements, providing an additional incentive to participate.

The Crypto Bubble Phenomenon

The crypto bubble refers to the rapid rise in the value of various cryptocurrencies, often driven by speculative investment rather than intrinsic value. In 2017, Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, experienced an unprecedented surge followed by a significant crash. This speculative fervor extended to altcoins, including those integrated into online gaming platforms. As with any speculative bubble, the rise of cryptocurrencies raised concerns about sustainability and the potential for a bubble burst.

The Burst of the Crypto Bubble

In recent times, the crypto bubble has indeed experienced a burst, impacting various industries, including online gaming. The highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies resulted in sharp price corrections, causing significant losses for investors. This decline in value has had repercussions for online gaming platforms that heavily relied on cryptocurrencies. Some gaming projects faced financial challenges, while others experienced a loss of user interest as the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies dwindled.

Implications for Online Gaming

The burst of the crypto bubble has brought both challenges and opportunities for the online gaming industry. On one hand, the decline in cryptocurrency value has led to a cautious approach among developers and investors, impacting the flow of capital into gaming projects. On the other hand, it has prompted a reevaluation of business models, encouraging a shift towards sustainable and long-term strategies. Online gaming platforms that emphasized utility, gameplay, and community-building have been able to weather the storm better, reducing their reliance on the fluctuating cryptocurrency market.


While the burst of the crypto bubble has undoubtedly affected the online gaming industry, it is crucial to note that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology still hold potential for innovation and growth within gaming. As the market stabilizes and lessons are learned, online gaming can continue to explore and harness the benefits of this technology, albeit with a more measured and sustainable approach.