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Louis Vuitton NFT Game Registers Over 2 Million Downloads

source-logo  thecoinrepublic.com 03 May 2022 11:30, UTC
  • In commemoration of bicentennial birthday of Louis Vuitton in fashion sector, elite luxury brand released NFT game dubbed Louis: The Game.
  • As this article was being written, Louis Vuitton NFT game had already registered more than a couple of million downloads.
  • The game has attracted a plethora of response as well as community engagement all across the globe, specifically the brand’s legion of clients and followers.

Louis Vuitton NFT Game

Louis: The Game is experiential virtual game where players begin the game at Asnieres where they are able to discover Louis Vuitton family home and then shift to Los Angeles. More details regarding these updates will be released in the upcoming couple of months.

Viviene in the Louis:The Game is a playable character which will assist folks to get to know Louis Vuitton. The folks will get the opportunity  to assist Vivienne on her journey while they gather postcards and explore different venues in glamourous towns like London and Paris.

Louis: The Game can be accessed via both Apples as well as Android devices.

Fresh Louis: The Game Attributes

Now, LV the game is constantly evolving as it extends its version to include more exciting attributes such as heaving celebrity NFTs and latest locations. Players who finish the game can now gain accessibility to couple of expansion levels – Radiant City and High in the Sky. These levels have 10 NFTs to triumph.

Vivienne now  travels into unveiling Louis Vuitton’s vast history. So, as she traverse, she also initiates to know more regarding Louis and his travel to Paris and also his humble start in knowing the fundamentals of selling and crafting custom trunks.

Thrilling news indeed as folks who have flourishly advanced to these levels, can also advance latest NFTs that are ready to be dispersed until 4th August via a raffle system.

There are several levels in the game. So, in 2nd level, mission is to gather 200 candles where every candle signifies Louis Vuitton history highlights in fashion realm.

Conquering NFT Space, Louis Vuitton Style

Newest version of LV game has 10 latest and distinct Vivienne NFTs, with a couple of new locations and more challenges to fuel the adrenaline of players.

These 10 latest NFTs on this new version feature awesome artwork from among the most well liked and iconic artists in the sector such as Beeple, Mike Winkelmann and Wenew Labs. Louis Vuitton is definitely shaping and slaying the art and NFT gaming scenario in virtual canvas.