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Zilliqa Group Transforms its Metaverse Venture into “MetaMinds” in Rebranding Move

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 September 2023 11:34, UTC

In a strategic overhaul, the Zilliqa Group, an amalgamation of enterprises based in the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled its revamped metaverse project, now christened “MetaMinds.” The company’s internal restructuring paves the way for a dynamic reinvention of the metaverse landscape. Leading this transformation is Sandra Helou, a luminary in the metaverse realm and a trailblazer in Web3 innovation.

As the newly appointed CEO of MetaMinds, Helou assumes the mantle of leadership while concurrently serving as the GCC Lead for Zilliqa Group’s CEO Office, underscoring the organization’s unwavering confidence in the region’s potential.

Following the recent formation of the Zilliqa Group, we are excited to announce the relaunch of the Group's metaverse venture as MetaMinds, reinforcing our commitment to metaverse solutions and the spatial web.

Read the full press release here: https://t.co/R6xEqwmwg6… pic.twitter.com/c0X7FcDLZJ

— Zilliqa (@zilliqa) September 19, 2023

Launched a mere year ago in Miami under the moniker “Metapolis,” MetaMinds has firmly rooted itself in the UAE. The rebranding represents a pronounced shift in focus toward spatial web development as the firm endeavors to catalyze the growth of an immersive internet experience. This rebrand aligns perfectly with the company’s consultative approach to tailoring bespoke metaverse solutions.

Kantelia, co-founder at Zilliqa, is optimistic about the metaverse

In a resolute statement, Max Kantelia, co-founder of Zilliqa Group, emphasized their faith in the metaverse’s latent possibilities despite initial hyperbole and dashed hopes within the industry. The metamorphosis of MetaMinds stands poised to bridge the chasm between available technology and end-users demands, positioning the company at the vanguard of metaverse innovation. It seeks to foster practical applications of the metaverse as a spatial web platform.

MetaMinds leverages spatial web technologies to craft captivating metaverse escapades, ushering in a groundbreaking era of consumer connectivity and engagement as the world’s pioneer Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform provider. Its multifaceted design, employing the same core infrastructure and product suite, endows diverse user communities with tailor-made metaverse adventures.

With an unwavering commitment to scalability, platform interoperability, and stellar performance, MetaMinds is at the forefront of resolving the quandaries that beset contemporary metaverse creation, poised to set industry standards. The platform’s security is beyond question, with all users undergoing rigorous vetting and approval processes. The company has rolled out a subscription-based revenue model to surmount present pricing constraints and incentivize broader adoption.