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Here Is How Cardano Community Voted in Project Catalyst Fund 10

source-logo  u.today 25 September 2023 16:25, UTC

Last week, Input Output Global (IOG), the parent company of the Cardano protocol, revealed that it has wrapped up the campaign for Project Catalyst's Fund 10, through which it aims to bootstrap start-ups in the ecosystem. Today, the firm has published results showing how members of the community voted in the just-concluded campaign.

First, the community voted that IOG should continue its Project Catalyst campaign for the next year. Should the result have been the other way around, IOG would have had no choice but to phase out the developments in due course.

The voting cuts across different aspects of the Project Catalyst push, including development and infrastructure; start-ups and onboarding for students, products and integrations with Open Side Dev Ecosystem (OSDE); SPO tools and community projects; and the evolution of the developer ecosystem, to mention just a few.

On the development and infrastructure front, one of the most crucial proposals approved by the community is the ability for users to call Sidechain smart contracts directly from their Cardano mainnet wallet. Per the voting results, a total of 484 million ADA tokens were allocated to help effect the changes, pitching it as one of the biggest proposals to be funded in the cohort.

Touch on Mithril, NFTs and other areas

The Cardano Project Catalyst Fund 10 also places so much focus on other aspects of the Cardano ecosystem, securing the approval of the community to double down on its development efforts in those areas.

One of these aspects is the boost of scalability through Hydra Head, Mithril enhancements and permission for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from both the Cardano protocol and external chains to feature in Cardano-hosted games.

Cardano has once again proven how much it depends on decentralization through its community with the Project Catalyst outcome.